Alone Like Always, continued...

by Rox
(BHC AZ. (Mohave Desert))

I actually love the desert and Az.

I actually love the desert and Az.

I am the one who is 'Alone Like Always, Etc. Anyhow, from your comments, good people, I have decided to write a bit more.

I am 65 in May and was forced into retirement, disability actually, in 2009. I have been active all my life (very-I border real close to the tomboy image of yesterday-heh) and my back, finally, said nope and my head finally said get help.

I was without a home or family or close I found some and here I am. My family has gone, save for a cousin or two whom I have no contact with.

My faith is still very strong. Faith in life, nature, the force and myself. How, I have no idea...I've really been through alot. I have a therapist and a support system I see often, but I really miss not being out with people and having a purpose (job) at the same/similar time.

I've always been careful and bashful, but now it has consumed me into being integrated. I hate it. I have tried volunteering, school (again), church...anything I could bare (PTSS/syndrome) but I have failed at all.

Now, since the comments on my first story (ugh-now that I read it) I feel I can say what's on my mind here. Thank you. And I look forward to seeing what others have to say about thier lives.

Plus I'm going to look for a pen pal. THAT is what I was looking for in the first place. Some one to get my head out of myself. (giggle) LOL. Hand-to me that's have a nice day. I hear the kids say hagd-i.e. have a good day. Do both. :)

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by: Kathy

4 weeks ago I was laid off. The first 3 weeks were great. I am now going into week 4. So, I am getting a bit bored but I no longer have the depression that I had going into work everyday.

I was the scapegoat, blamed for everything so boredom at home is far better than the bs I went through at work. I don't know what your situation is but i have 2 adopted dogs and for years, we would go out at 4am, due to my schedule.

Although now I could sleep in I still stay on that schedule. Adopting a pet is the best you can do for yourself and the animal. If I get overwhelmed with finance or other issues, off we go on a walk.

I wish you well.

by: Rox/BCH


I pray your parent(s) taught you better than that. Depression is just a fling of life. It is a test that some of us go through. You are better than SUICIDE!!!!

Talk to a counselor/peer group. They're less objective to your problems and will let you think for yourself. They are somewhere in your town. Are you under any religion??? Go to them! And I DO hate the anonymous bit with the threat of suicide thrown in. That is SO unkind and shallow. And you can't be unkind if you allow a sibling to take over your life. Nor can you be shallow if you have the imagination to write such a message of SOS. Suicide is a GIGANTIC step. But it's off a cliff and no one will know why.

Could you please send me a friend request so we can talk in private???

I pray you get this just because I'm selfish enough to not want this on my conscience. WHERE ARE YOU!!?? I promise not feed you a bunch of religion.

Those people are just there to talk to. I, on the other hand, care enough to listen and just say hi.

Maybe we could share some daily deeds??? Please. Rox

Wendy: Anon, write to me using the
Contact Wendy (Under About Me in the nav bar) and I will connect you with Rox!

Giving up
by: Anonymous

I don't know how you did it. I'm alone, on SS, age 60 and have no strength to get out of bed anymore due to Depression.

I sought help but a Sibling destroyed my Dr/ patient relationship out of Meaness. I lost the antidepressant medication that was working.

I can't fight anymore and plan to end it all soon.

Wendy: So sad that you can't move at age sixty.. ONLY SIXTY! Geesh! You could have 20 - 30 more years ahead of you. Please -- go see another doctor, call the pharmacy, do anything but LIE IN BED ANOTHER DAY! You still have a lifetime to live!


Welcome Rox!

re lonliness
by: Cindy Australia

I know what it is like to be lonely, but you can meet some very good friends through letters. You can write to me any time you feel like it and we can chat about our present, past and future, our hopes and dreams and whatever. I joined Wendy to meet new friends and I have met some very nice ones. Cindy

Be happy
by: Linda Long Beach Ca

I wrote to this group and got a lot of response and good advice. I lived in Pa all my life but like you had a early retirement by a fractured back so working anymore was out of the question.

I moved to Ca. to be near my son and family my grandson keeps me going he is 7 now . In his early life I was with him a lot .

If you have family keep in touch it means so much , do you life by yourself or in a senior building? Go to senior centers if you have any around .

I also am active in whatever is going on that involves us seniors people our own age relate very well I have also helped kids in school learn to read better have you ever thought about contacting a school reading with and to a child is very rewarding.

The place where I live has 300 seniors so we have activities here that keep me going. Help where you can with people as a nurse I help the sick here when I can.

Keep reading the Bible, keep praying and meditating. Get a hobby that you like to do. One lady I know goes to a park where kids are and blows bubbles the kids love it.

Hope some of this helps Linda

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