Andy Rooney Retires

by Wendy

This Sunday, October 2nd, 2011, Andy Rooney retires at age 92!

He has been on Sixty Minutes, doing "A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney" on Sunday Nights, since 1978! Believe it or not, he has completed 1,097 broadcasts at the end of the show.

WOW... Age 92!

Just imagine what someone who has been on this planet for NINETY TWO YEARS has seen! Imagine the changes that person has experienced. Imagine the adventures they have lived.

Back to Andy Rooney:

I always got a kick out of his talks -- I remember a few with Andy picking on new products, many of which were pretty odd and not so useful.I might look at the same object and think "huh?" but he tells it like it is.

I also remember one where his desk was piled high with postal mail -- it was about the abundance of what he received in the mail.. or should I say "junk mail".

There are so many more, but I got a kick when he picked on objects like this... and haven't watched in a few years now.

Andy Rooney is sassy and opinionated and got in trouble with the media at times due to his words. I think if you are opinionated enough, like he was, and open enough to share your thoughts, you are bound to have issues sooner or later. That's Simply Andy.

Some websites use the word GEEZERS - and some older adults call themselves GEEZERS.

Andy is a geezer, if you ask me. I think he'd be proud to be called a Geezer... I know that can be a negative term, but to me - it's being an eccentric older adult.

Andy is an eccentric geezer -- especially those wild eye brows of his! Grin! BUT I like him!

OK, so what does a 92-year old Geezer do when he suddenly retires? Does Andy have hobbies? Does his career, which allows him to be so publicly visible, provide him with many friends and outlets to remain active?

I counted 15 books that Andy Rooney wrote from 1981 to 2009. Will he write another now that he is retired?

I wonder.... Write about Retirement, Andy!

If Andy asked you for advice about retirement, what would YOU tell him? Please comment below... maybe he will comment back!

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by: Om

This is not the age of your retirement, you can work up to the age of 192. Great, have long and happy life and enjoy. Congratulations. Greatest,
with best wishes.

Another Lib in Our Biased Press
by: Jim B

I wish him well in his retirement, but he was just another left-of-center "news" man purveying his liberal ideas in a funny, witty way.

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