Anxiety & Can't Sleep?
Transition to Retirement Issues

Do you have Anxiety and Can't Sleep while living through the transition period for your retirement? This is totally normal for so many new retirees.

YOU can find Happiness in Retirement... simply work through finding a new identity, and find new purpose in your life. OK, it's not simple...

For most retirees, this odd phase of retired life where you figure out what's next is confusing.  You are likely asking 2 big questions:

     -- Who Am I?  (employment identity is gone)
     -- What do I do All Day, Every Day Now?
                           AND MAYBE...
     -- What will I do with the rest of my life?

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PLEASE don't waste another day, week, or month in limbo -- let's find your new retired lifestyle and help you live the retirement dream!

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Join me as I travel through my own retirement transition.  Get retirement ideas from me, your retirement host, and from a variety of retirees worldwide, who have "been there and done that" already!

That's the key - don't assume you are alone in your retirement thoughts. That never-ending self talk that gets in your way is never good.

Get help or pay it forward if you can help another retiree who is struggling.

How to Connect:

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