Pre Retirement Planning

Written for Working People who are just considering their Retirement Years!

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WHY do you need help with Pre-Retirement Planning?

Consider this:

Many people spend more time planning a two week vacation, Than they do for their own retirement!

Just think, those "retirement years" can be a third of your life!

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Think about that -- it's so true, and we need to consider the possibilities in retirement.

It's not a good idea, as you might guess, to retire and THEN think about retirement... you really need to simply consider where you are headed (both financially and what you might do daily). Retirement isn't all about money...

There are two sides to every retirement coin: 

Some retirees have ideas on the Top Ten Reasons to Retire -- while others say: Don't Retire!

It all depends on your definition of retirement! I learned lots about the definition of retirement (or should I say UN-retirement) through the book Too Young To Retire.  AND it's NOT about age either...

Now -- check out the retirement advice these folks have to share in "101 Ways to Retire or Not".

The retirement decision itself can be totally emotional. It's really not that easy. The new retiree is stepping into the "unknown"... that time of life called Retirement. Emotional retirement decisions are tough. Don't let family, or a co-worker, give you retirement advice on when to retire... it doesn't work that way.

Many years ago, I remember a man who was retiring on the same date as a co-worker because they were hired on the same date. They chose to retire on the same date... and completed paperwork, with their wives, together. Weeks later, he was in the office for insurances, before retirement. I pulled him aside and asked if he REALLY wanted to retire. He looked surprised and said he did. I told him how his partner was so happy and animated when he did paperwork, while he was silent. He didn't reply but I remember that I had a very strong gut feeling that he wasn't ready. I don't remember who he was, only that strong feeling that it wasn't right for this man. I wish I could ask him today... I would BET he retired because his partner did, because it "was time", because he felt he had to, not wanted to.

Retirement is a very very personal decision. IF someone talks you into retirement, and you aren't quite ready, you might fall into a depression like so many others do.

Then there is early retirement (whatever age "early" is to you)... some folks love it, others have problems with early retirement. Learn from others, before you seek an "early out".

Think about Your Retirement Years...

Your retirement life can easily last from 20 - 40 years, and you aren't even thinking ahead about your retirement years... or are you? I hope so, since you are reading this!

Loads of options for you to consider, lots of questions here but few answers as we all have different ideas on retirement. You must choose your own retirement lifestyle based on what you love to do, your resources, etc. That's what I hope to explore on these pages.

Retirement is the beginning 
of a brand new adventure in life!

Have fun!

P.S. I retired April 2010 after twenty-five years as a retirement manager (and 35+ years with one employer). As a retirement enthusiast, I love retirement, NOW, but I've been through my own retirement transition! Oddly enough, I am learning more about the REAL "me" now! Why did it take me all these years to stop and think about ME!? Retirement is all about YOU too!