Avid Traveler is Sea Captain...

by Vic Zurek
(Victoria, Australia)

Sadly, I had to retire early for a number of reasons. I wasn't ready for it, still not, and the dream of buying a small sailing boat and heading off round the Pacific died with a minor injury, at least for the time being.

An avid traveler and adventurer in my younger years, the wanderlust has never gone away, and I am sure their are many like me.

I could see retirement options were quite limited for people with free spirits, and "sheep ships" or floating hotels is just not my cup of tea. Mass tourism products kill any adventurous spirit.

Five years ago I did a sailing trip in Indonesia, and what started as a fleeting idea, became a concept and then a project. it's not a business or for profit, just an option for a few retired people looking for a very different lifestyle.

The web site has just gone online at
Real Sea Change.

Initially I had Australians and New Zealanders in mind, due to our generous pension schemes and free health care for all, but as we all need travel insurance, anybody can join us, as long as they meet the basic requirements stipulated on the site.

To be able to retire, travel the world for as long as you want, and be cared for in a bit of luxury as well, yet without the need to be wealthy is what I aimed for.

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