Your Two Cents on What to do After Retirement

Are you ready to provide YOUR two cents on What To do After Retirement?

Time is on your side after you retire-- you have all the time in the world, and yet some have "nothing to do".. how sad! There is a world out there -- share your knowledge in a website or blog, volunteer, work part time, or take up that long lost hobby you used to love (pre-work and family days).

Can YOU help visitors who are "lost" in retirement find something meaningful to do? What did YOU do? What DO you DO?

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What Will YOU Do In your Retirement Years?

What will you do with your day when you retire? You spend 8 hours a day at work (or more), and suddenly you have 8 free hours every day. You can't just sit in a rocker, no way, so what now?

Tell me what you do to keep busy (mentally and physically fit) on a daily basis! Help others to keep grounded, and live happy and productive retired lives!

Thank you!

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