Before Retirement, Anxious...

by Janet
(Michigan, USA)

I am so afraid of change. I am all alone and I do not like to make these very important decisions by myself.

I am not very good with money and I have so many medical and house bills. I am not sure that I can make it on a retirement income.

Guess I wish I could just have someone here to guide me with every decision that arises.

Thanks, Janet

  • WENDY Hi Janet -- Retirement is a big decision, I know! If I can help you with specific questions, email me using the "contact me" in the bottom left column. OK?

  • Financial Planning

    by: Anonymous

    I think you need a person that does financial planning. Look for someone you pay as opposed to someone that is paid by commissions from someone else. You are not looking for investment advice. You are looking for help planning your life and understanding the cost of those plans.

    If you do not know where to start I would call a local CPA and ask the person how to find someone that can help you.

    You might also be able to find some help by contacting Senior Citizen organizations.

  • Don't do it

    by: Viperguy

    Do not retire if you are not financially ready. I was forced to retire and must change my lifestyle to survive. Very regretable.

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    Am I really retired??
    by: Sandi

    I just resigned from a job I had for 7 years in an industry I was in for 25 years. I was so burned out I couldn't see straight. I don't even want to think about another job. I think I am going to be "retired".

    At 64, my first day of waking up at 9:30, I tried my hand at shopping, but without a job, I don't need new clothes. I went to the community college to see about classes towards my AA degree. Can't believe I have been taking classes for 35 years and only have 3 to go.

    I did feel a little foggy with a thought or two of what the heck did I do.

    I've been unhappy at this company for 5 years in an industry that I truly am passionate about and was extremely good at. Maybe financial reality will hit me tomorrow.

    I don't feel scared though. I know that I am headed toward something grand that is preplanned for me. I just don't know what it is. Like hide and seek.

    Set my date on Dec 1st
    by: Doug

    Because of a job change at my employer 5 years ago with less pay my pension will go down about 8 percent.

    Five years ago. I though awesome, I work five more years and retire at 57 with a big pension and enjoy life. But now it's here I have become very anxious.

    I know I will have to keep working somewhere or I will go crazy and worry I won't have enough money to take of me the rest of my life.

    I could keep my current job and save more to compensate for the decreased pension amount but there is something inside of me saying it's time now.

    I need to start the paperwork and file for my pension in about two weeks and the anxiety has gotten so high.

    I have worked full time for 39 years and at this place for 27 years. Never been unemployed. I want to find a new career working but I don't have the physical stamina to get a lot of jobs and that puts so much fear in me.

    I am ready but I am very scared and no one seems to understand and say they wish they was in my situation that it would be a easy for them to retire. Funny how I thought that way one time too.

    So glad I found this site, it was nice and helpful to read stories from people who are having the same feelings I going through, thank you for making this website.

    Wendy Part of your story happened to me... I knew when it was RIGHT to leave. Retirees had told me for years "You'll know when its right" and I always thought WHAT? How will I know?

    For me, seeing the spring time trees in bloom did it, not spending another summer working.. Grin!

    I bet you'll do fine, you've thought it out, and you just need to work through this complicated transition in life. Luckily, its summer -- enjoy the sunshine and give yourself some time off, before you consider your options!

    Best wishes!

    Retiring but sad and worried
    by: Anonymous

    I am retiring after 33 years. The last few years have been awful; passed over for a promotion that I really wanted and am the oldest in my department. I am sad that I will never reach my goal and most of my friends are gone. I will miss the morning chat and friendships but it seems like no one stays in touch after retirement. I can't shake the sadness I feel and wondering if I am making a bad decision.

    Thanks for this website.

    Procrastinating about taking the leap
    by: Nui

    I've informed the bosses that I'm retiring at the end of December but I just can't bring myself to put in the paperwork that will kick off my pension. They don't want me to leave and are hoping I'll change my mind.

    I'm sooo ready to retire - I'm sick of the commute, I'm bored to death at work and I have a ton of things I want to do, not least of which is taking off cross country in my RV.

    I know one of the reasons for the procrastination is the money thing. My pension will be 58% of my current salary, plus I will get Canada Pension and, after age 65, an Old Age Security pension. I will have enough to live on comfortably for the present.

    My fear is what the future will bring - will I have enough to live on when I need a nursing home? How will inflation impact my salary in 10 years, 20 years? Will I regret my decision, once boredom inevitably sets in?

    On the other hand, I don't intend to die in the saddle so, sooner or later, I was going to retire anyhow. These mixed feelings are driving me nuts.

    Did anyone else have a hard time making the final decision?

    Wendy: Nui, I think your feelings are totally normal. This is a huge life transition... at least, instead of simply walking out the door, you are considering your options and thinking about retirement -- something many don't do!
    (until it is too late).

    Fear is an odd thing,... most of the time, what we fear and worry about never happens. We waste all that time and energy on worry. Sometimes we even make ourselves ILL with worry.

    I considered retirement for five years... and all of a sudden, I KNEW it was the right time, I knew it in my heart of hearts. A sunny April day, and I knew I didn't want to work another summer.

    I walked into the building, straight up to the managers office, and announced my retirement. No regrets...

    I will say, even after you retire, it's almost inevitable that you will grieve the loss a bit. Some never look back, but many do. It's a loss of identity and until you find yourself again.. it can be a bit tough!

    I really DO think you are on your way... like Ricardo writes on this site, he has also studied all aspects of his upcoming retirement, and you both gotta be one step ahead of the game that way!

    Best Wishes!!

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