Checkers, a life lesson

by Ricardo

I have been playing the board game of checkers with my youngest granddaughter for a number of years, I have ALWAYS won, why not, I have been playing the game off and on for what, 70 YEARS, I should be pretty good!

Well a few days ago my granddaughter came over with her older brother and father, (my son-in-law)."Hey Gramps, ya wanna play checkers?"

OF course always up to the challenge, I said yes. WELL not only did she beat ME for the FIRST time, BUT she was losing badly to her brother with NO thought if a victory, hopeless if you will, she quadruple jumped him and BEAT HIM AS WELL!

Lesson to be learned from a simple board game, keep trying, NEVER give up, try your best and eventually you shall succeed!

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