Chevron Retirement

by cora
(arlington tx, us)

I use to work from chevron and had been with them since 1991 and was a manager when my store was sold. chevron closed a lot of stores in dfw area. so when we were closed we were paid our time worked and any vaction days and ect. that we had earned. but I was not informed of the retirement.

when I call to ask them thy say they do not have any information, but I know the have retirement because on the web site it states it states after they are vested after 5yrs, well I worked longer than 5yrs.

how do I find out for when I get retirement age ?

Wendy: I did a quick Google Search and found Chevron's site with this Retirement Page.

To the right, there is a Benefits Estimator and a Contact Human Resources link. Both should be useful to you. I hope this helps!

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