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Change your ending! Just Do It!

Change your ending! Just Do It!

Here's my COVID story:

My COVID story was a life lesson for me. My easy week with COVID doesn't mean it's easy for everyone, and I don't mean to negate those with horrible COVID experiences. We've lost several friends (our age) to COVID and it's simply bad... this is my own personal easier-than-expected experience.

My last newsletter said I was sick two days, Saturday and Sunday, but I was negative for COVID.

Well, Surprise Surprise, on Day 3, I tested again, and I was POSITIVE!

By then, day 3, I felt fine... yes, I coughed a bit (but I have a chronic asthma cough), and I was stuffy but that's often a norm for me too.

I felt normal -- but I was positive for COVID.


Thank goodness for one wise reader who left her COVID STORY. As I read, I thought I had better test once ore (after THREE negative tests in two days)... guess what?

Yes, I was positive!

What I learned:

1) I always write here that we all have something to share. You may think you don't, but if she didn't write her short post, I could have spread COVID all over Assisted Living thinking I was negative. Thank you for making an effort to share your two cents!

2) When I took the COVID tests and got three negative results, I used an "old" tester (when the government mailed to us). I also had Terry get more free testers from the pharmacy with his Medicare card. I tried both testers, a day apart and both showed as negative. I still don't know if we didn't do it perfectly correctly, if the test was bad, or if it was my type of COVID that took longer to show up. Maybe I should have visited a drive-up pharmacy for a test.

3) Go get some free testers from your pharmacy. They are free with a Medicare Card. Don't wait until you or your family needs them -- have them on hand for the next time you don't feel quite up to par...

I pray COVID is as simple on you as it was for me! I know it's milder for many now, but this was seriously not what I expected.

Best Wishes!

Anyone else with a COVID story? Add yours below. I'm curious now.

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Covid horror
by: Ricardo,U.S.A.

We came back from a Maine coastal holiday and three days later tested positive, the journey begins!

I had the symptoms of a cold, runny nose, cough, scratchy throat nothing that I could not tolerate and it did not slow me down, THEN the welts and itching started all over my body that drove me to the E.R.for five hours, could not eat, sleep, just scratch, insane!

They gave me some meds that I took for 2-3 days, no response. My doctor called in a stronger script that slowly relieved the swelling and itching. As those symptoms subsided I developed kidney/lower back pain, again no sleep, no appetite.

Back to an immediate care facility for testing, then to another E.R. for six hours of more testing, all tests found NO abnormalities with my numbers. I spent six hours in an E.R. hallway on a bed with mass confusion, they came up with NO VIABLE EXPLAINATION, mass confusion, plied with meds to accomplish what exactly? The itching has subsided considerably but might come back, the back pain is still there. They have NO IDEA of what caused these and treatment, throw a dart on the wall, IT MAY STICK!

VERY FRUSTRATING, and this is one of the best systems in the world, mass confusion and with staff leaving, people aging and poor lifestyle choices the scene is bleeding, VERY, VERY BLEEK!

Wendy:Sending praying for complete healing, Ricardo!

by: Ricardo,U.S.A.

This is an additional comment to my covid story. A comment that SHOULD have been included with my story, A MAJOR ERROR on my part!

As I was going thru all of these health 😱 and attacks on my body by this monster, I could not have made it without the support and love of my wife right there by my side thru it all.

What a Saint she is, AND she has her own health concerns!

It really puts things into perspective in a relationship, NEVER take a loved one for granted, be kind, concerned and giving.

During time of need and ANYTIME, a loved one will be there for you, show them the same love and support, ALL the time in your relationship, cherish it, that is all you need.

Be kind, courteous to all it costs us nothing, you NEVER know when you may have to reach out for help, love them!

covid experience
by: Penny/ North Carolina

I had a scratchy throat and stuffy nose so took a covid test and tested positive. Had a very mild case and was better in a few days.

The following week I was tired and just did not feel well. My blood pressure bottomed out so I went to the doctor who told me I had long covid. I felt very tired and weak for a couple more weeks.

Then I got a urinary tract infection and had severe bladder pain for 5 weeks and could not get an appointment with my urologist for 2 weeks and then could not get them to answer my calls when I got worse. So I now I have a new urologist and will have a scope on my bladder on November 16 to see what is happening there.

Back to covid-I help with a devotion time at a local nursing home once a month. This month they called and canceled us because they have an outbreak of covid.

Everyone please be careful, it is not over yet.

by: Loyce in California

I take herbs to strengthen my immunity, eat nutrious foods, exercise, meditate and surround myself with POSITIVITY. I try to be Grateful for Natural immunity

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