Dave's Bucket List

by David B
(Montgomery, AL)

OK, here goes... easy to most difficult..

1. Getting up earlier again... it's been years but my mornings were always the best, until I got lazy.

2. Trip to Las Vegas, just feeling lucky.

3. Morning walks outside until it snows, I need to get started again.

4. Dance class for the wife and myself, crazy after 30+ years of marriage, but I've always wanted to!

5. Take a class online.

6. Write again, every single day.

7. Schedule a mid-winter trip to visit the grandkids.

8. I'VE RUN OUT OF IDEAS... but this is a good start for me.


10. BIG GOAL: Travel to Europe, always wanted to, sounds too hard. BUT I will start to research travel online, and figure this out!

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keep going
by: Your Name/Location

I don't know your age but it is health not age that could affect your travel. Easiest way to see many parts of Europe is a bus tour. We travelled through Eastern Europe that way after I had broken my hip.

Invitation to visit India on a winter holiday
by: Retd. Prof.D.K.Srivastava, C-3 Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058, India

Dear friend Dave,

I have loved your truthfulness in preparing your wish list. After you have accomplished it all, and if you have the time and convenience, please visit India on a holiday. ZYou will not be disappointed. Also an Indian holiday will cost only 25% of a Europeean holiday. Welcome. DKS, 16 Oct, 15

For Dave
by: Ann in Reno, NV

My best wishes that you complete most if not all of your Bucket List

Yes you can
by: Anonymous

My husband and I 86 and 74 are planning to fly to Venice, spend three days and then take a twenty day cruise home, This is not the first of last time, It is not hard, Just avoid bus tours which are too exhausting,

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