Declutter to create spare spending money

As someone with hoarder tendencies, retirement became a time to tackle the beast and declutter.

A collection of professional tools and accessories gathered and "retired" to storage over a lifetime of work became assets to convert into cash. This cash then funds new experiments and adventures to try in retirement.

There are new and experienced professionals in your field of expertise that can use these assets. My thinking is that it is a waste to dump them into a landfill, when the tools are still useful, just not to you anymore.

Offering them on eBay at a fraction of their cost helps other people acquire higher quality "tools of the trade" than they can afford, and you have the satisfaction that these assets are being used.

Start with a low initial bidding price you are comfortable with, and make sure you include proper shipping costs. $20 or more shipping costs on a $20 item is not a deal-breaker for an item that will cost someone $200 or more to buy new.

My goal was to get tools into the hands of people that can use them, tools that are a higher quality than what they have, which will advance them professionally. Better quality tools yield better quality work and results.

Plus I cash in return to get some new tools for myself, in areas I've always wanted to work in.

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Decluttering Can Lead to a New "Profitable Hobby"
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

I have a friend whose hobby is wood-working from a shed in his garden, and occassionally when he buys a modern replacement tool he sells the older item on eBay.

Now from time to time - usually in the wet season when it's too uncomfortable to walk down the path to his shed - he cruises eBay and should he notice an item which is really under-priced, he will buy it and then resell it.

So for anyone into "decluttering" and still looking to enhance your zest for living, you could establish a buy-and-sell online business in a niche market where you have some knowledge.

This is an ideal online business during these Covid times, as there is minimal face-to-face contact.

EBay isn’t the only place to declutter
by: John A/Tyler, Tx

When I retired and moved to East Texas, I simplified life by taking books to the friends of the library, to used book stores, etc. Then I listed many items on Craigslist for free.

You would be amazed of how much stuff you can eliminate from your life by either giving it away or selling for bargain basement prices. Why hang on to things that will most likely never be used again. Let someone else enjoy your no longer used items.

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