Retirement Downsizing starts with Decluttering 

To Downsize or Not to Downsize, that is the question!

By Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Many retirees downsize after retirement. Life after retirement is all about finding your best retirement lifestyle -- and that often includes decluttering. 

You could make life easier in a smaller home or condo. As we age, it becomes harder to clean a home -- harder to downsize too -- both in the work involved, the emotions of giving away cherished household items. 

Recently, as I was coaching a couple, we talked about Downsizing. He was all for it, she didn't really want to discuss the topic at all. I get it -- totally. It won't be easy for me to downsize and I should be doing just that.  That discussion brought this topic to the forefront of my mind and I just wanted to write about it to remind others WHY we might start decluttering.

Find Focus by Decluttering

Less to clean, less clutter, more creativity! This really happens! 

Years ago I took a Franklin Day Planner class. I loved my planner when I was employed. They talked about clearing your desk -- putting files and other projects to the side, or behind you even better, so they are out of sight. That way you can focus better on the work before you. I don't do that right now, but perhaps, that is why I have less focus today?

If you are working on a computer project, writing a book, or anything that requires focus -- try to do the work in a cleaner minimal environment. It works well!

Consider a quick read from Amazon (below) to learn step-by-step how to begin decluttering your home.  Both books designed for seniors looking to downsize.

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DeClutter Your Home

It's really about DeCluttering your home. Right?

Decluttering is the beginning. Living a simpler lifestyle, even in your larger home, is key. Later, depending on age and physical abilities, we choose to downsize the home itself.

This is not an easy topic. We love our stuff!

We've got sentimental memories attached to stuff. We know what we paid for our stuff, and it's hard to let it go. We've spent a lifetime gathering stuff around us, and we don't want to let go!

LIFE, however, is not about the stuff. You seriously can't take it with you, in the end, right?

LIFE is about people, connections, adventures big and small.

Why not begin to Declutter with giving away whatever you don't use on a regular basis? OK, thats too much?

What will you never ever use again? Donate it. Give to a family member.

Post your stuff on Facebook Marketplace for a price or for free. It's easy to do and local people can find what you are selling. My sister and I have both sold and purchased items there. If you buy something, the seller sends you their address in private FB Messaging. You drop the money into a box on the porch, and grab your purchased items waiting for you. No contact.

This means you can sell, people can leave their money in an envelope or box on your porch -- or pay you via Pay Pal online. Then you leave it out for them to pick up. This is contactless, nothing done in person, unless you want to meet them somewhere to exchange items. 

Pretty nice -- I drove maybe one mile out of my way, on the way to moms, to  pick up an item -- and $10 later, Mom loved the simple clothes rack for her laundry room. Instead of it being trashed, the seller put it on Facebook Marketplace, and I bought it. Easy Peasy!

Mom, Decluttering from age 90-94

My mother (age 95 in August of 2021) has been decluttering for years now. 

She loves her condo, but she is fully aware that she has too much stuff. She has cleaned her clothes out several times over the years. She gives to family members, if they will take her "stuff". 

The problem is (with her and with your own adult children), we don't want much. We have our own homes full of stuff. The grands don't want any of it... or very little. The next generation lives different, more minimal, lifestyles.

If you watch Antique Roadshow on PBS, the values have decreased on many of the objects being appraised. The next generation doesn't value vintage objects as we did. 

WHY  is mom obsessed with decluttering? (mind you, she still has LOTS of stuff) -- Because she doesn't want my sister and I to be stuck with it all after her death. Seriously. She does it for us. She doesn't want us to be stressed while disposing of their assets, condo, and the belongings... so she has let some of it go for years now. 

Is it time for you to Declutter or even Downsize?

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