Detective turned Writer in Retirement:
Ernie Lijoi Sr.

by Ernie Lijoi Sr.

This is my interview with Ernie, age 65, he is a retired Detective turned writer. Ernie says retirement is satisfying, AND that he is having fun --- that's always a good thing!

Introducing Ernie Lijoi Sr. from

What was your previous occupation?

Patrolman and Deep Cover Detective detective.

Describe your daily routine briefly. Any Stress? How/why did you retire?

Previously, I worked with the FBI, ATF, DEA as well as local and state Police departments in an undercover capacity. At Times, very much stress. I retired due to a bad heart.

If I may, I would like to tell you a brief story about how I recently became a writer, after retirement. I was a Police Patrolman for the Transit Authority back in the 1970's in Boston, Massachusetts.

After a specific arrest of a suspect for narcotics, I was asked to take a 30 day job as a Deep Cover Investigator for a larger City in Massachusetts. This job required a new identity, Eddie Pannoni. Because of the expertise that I acquired, I was still doing the same job under the guise of Eddie Pannoni 18 years later and had a very interesting and exciting career.

In 1980, Sonny Grasso and Eddie Eagan came to see me (Known for the French Connection Movie and others). They wanted to do a book about my career. By that time I had the two contracts on my life. I refused the book because of the never ending work that I had to finish.

Since my retirement, people are always asking about my experiences throughout my career as a DCI. I have been told, many times, that I should write them down.

At age 65, I decided to write the first book named "Street Business" with Mr. Larry Matthews. We were published a few months after it was written. I began another book and Larry suggested that I send it in without any help from him. I did and it was published.

I now am 67 years old and have three books published named "Street Business", "Shoveling the Tide" and "Chasing Snow". I have four more books that I have not submitted for publication, "Destructive Obsession", "Meth or Myth", "The Cash Mule" and now "The Preyers".

We have completed a movie script from my writing and named it "Depraved Streets". We have actors, directors and more. We project a 5-8 million budget. We need a producer and more.

The books are based on fact although told in a fictional manner with everything, including locations which, in most cases are changed along with names and dates.

I should mention that I worked with The FBI, ATF and DEA as a deep cover detective. I have enough material (newspaper clipping, reports, etc.) for at least a hundred or more books. I worked narcotics, murders, robberies and more. I was always on the inside of these jobs as a deep cover operative.

Describe your daily routine in your new retired life:

I get up and sometimes walk at 5-6am in the morning. Then I sit down at my computer and start working on my books and or movie scripts as I answer e-mail.

What makes your retirement successful?

Not successful as much as satisfying. The fact that I write and I enjoy it. Best of all, the public seems to enjoy my novels.

How did you transition from what you were to who you are today?

Interesting question, at parties and gatherings I have been asked many questions about my past work experiences. People enjoyed the stories. Several suggested that I write down the stories. At the age of 65, I did just that. Now at age 67, I have four novels published and three more committed to be published as well as two movie script projects that I am working on. I'm having fun.

What do you think about the concept of retirement?

I think that a person that enjoys golfing should go golfing, a person that enjoys fishing should fish, etc. the key word is enjoy and if we can we should enjoy our last days, the way we wish.

How do YOU define retirement?

Retirement should be the freedom to really enjoy your life and your family.

Finally, if you had a magic wand, what would you wish for today?

If I had a magic wand and had to grant one wish, it would be that all persons on this earth live together in peace and harmony without prejudice and greed.

Visit Ernie's website at:

Ernie's books at Street Business, Shoveling the Tide, Chasing Snow, Destructive Obsession, Meth or Myth, The Cash Mule, The Preyers

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Ernie Lijoi Sr.

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You are a hero
by: Donna

Ernie thanks for a great positive spin on retirement. I love that you became a writer. That has been one of my dreams from early childhood. I have a lot of interesting stories also as I was a RN for 38 years. Triumph and tragedy to humor and sadness. If you could give me a tip about how I can get started writing I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks so much

Glad you are good in retirement!
by: Col Asbury

Some of my friends from both the U S ARMY and police work were not so lucky, and the memories of those who did not make me more glad that me and my wife are using our time well,

BTW ! Your story has inspired us! Thank you for your service

by: Jojo

I find it amazing that you became a published author at age 65! Kind of like, Whistler's mother? This just proves that age is relative.

I believe that if you continue to engage in and with those around you; if you stay current on the world scene, then you never grow old. If you think it, and then find the courage to do it, you will reach your goals.

It's not a matter of age. It's a matter of state of mind!

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