Senior Creative Writers:
We can still Write  (for fun or income)

Writing for Fun & Challenges

Anyone can share their fun creative writing with the world nowadays!

To easily begin, you can write longer posts right on Facebook to see if people respond to your words. Easy to begin there.

You might start a fun creative blog too, simply to share your creativity with the world. 

Writing for Income Online

This page is about being creative and using your WRITING skills as the way to earn an income online… simply because many of us can write. Right? 

Years ago, you had to be educated or very talented to write for profit as a journalist, script writer, copy writer, or someone writing creative books. Nowadays, it is easier to write for income – it’s also very competitive.

Today, there are many ways to earn an income online with creative writing:


Some people own and write their own blogs, dedicated to a topic, and then monetize the blog.

Start Today: download the free Discover Your Niche ebook.

If you are seeking content, PLR might be the perfect content for you!

Kindle books

 Another way to earn money with writing, is by sharing your knowledge in Kindle ebooks. You can write children's books, creative books, how to books, the sky is your limit!

 I wrote my first Kindle book in 30 days, you can too! I was part of a 30 day Challenge with NAMS and this link shows all the books completed in just 30 days... proof that a 30 day book really is doable!!

If you get one done, even if a relatively simply one, you will find the courage to push forward and write another. You can also go back and add more to the book, or edit it, even after already published. The point is: JUST DO IT!

Here is my Kindle class, if you are interested. It will help you with the formatting and upload process for Amazon Kindle Books.

Get hired to write articles

Are you seeking freelance writing? You can write for others, pick and choose the jobs you'd like to try, and make some income writing a variety of articles.

You also might seek a virtual assistant job.

Others simply write articles, blog posts, and more for income. If you want to earn a supplemental income, you might try You are only paid $5 per article BUT its a good way to get started as a writer. Get a few good reviews and begin to charge more and get repeat customers!

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