Down-sized twice within a year

by Irwin Lengel
(Lakeland, FL)

No, I did not fall into a depression when I retired although it was close for reasons that will become obvious later in the article.

What kept my spirits up was a loving wife and supportive family.

It was an employer forced out (down-sized) move. I was age 54 and one-half with 25 years of service. They kept a much younger up and coming individual instead of me.

I wasn't thrilled as I had been hoping to work for them 30 years so that I would be able to receive full retirement benefits in lieu of the reduced pension I had to settle for by being let go with only 25 years of service.

I was fortunate enough to find another job at two-thirds the salary and a position I was way over qualified for only to be let go (another down-sizing) nine months later.

How did we handle that surprise - we took it as a sign that we were supposed to retire. My wife gave her notice that she would be retiring after 11 years and down-sized ourselves into a much more economical place. In reality and looking back, it was a good thing because my wife's mother had become sickly shortly afterwards and our retiring enabled her (my wife) to spend a few good years with her mother before she passed.

To this day, we never looked back and have no regrets. We have had our ups and downs but overall everything worked out for the best. Our positive attitude went a long way in keeping our spirits up. That and the fact I am married to an eternal optimist. While she is the optimist, I am the realist and I keep her grounded.

Life is good!

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its rough out there
by: Anonymous

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It's rough out there...

That way, you will get comments on your story from other seniors. I hope someone can help you sort this all out!

Down-sized twice within a year
by: Jane from Singapore

Hi Irwin

It's inspirational to read your article.
I am a negative person and always feared company downsizing , retrenchment and so on.
After reading your article, I find that there is always a bright side of thing to look forward to.

Thank you so much for your inspirational article.



Downsized 2X
by: Irwin

Thanks Goldie.

I appreciate your kind words about my article.

Things do get better. All we need do is look for the bright side of things.

Thanks for commenting on the article
by: Irwin

Thanks Arthur for your kind words. Glad you liked the article.

If my writing enables just one person to feel good about themselves after going through a down-sizing and can recognize that it truly isn't the end of the world and that better days are ahead, I have done my job.

by: arthur c. ford,sr.,poet/editor





~~ For My Mother Mary Juluke Ford ~~
~~ My Aunt Esther Juluke Forstall ~~

Love assembles Love
To sing a song for you.
With personal rhythm
And melody too,
From personal feelings
You always give to me,
And love, when it’s lost
You retrieve so fast for me.

Chorus: Oh My Jewelry! Precious Jewelry!
Your eyes shine and glow,
My heart, so full, beats fast
Our feelings calmly flow.
As your statuesque body
Comes to life for me
And your factious love
Relieves the strife in me.

The song begins on a note
Soft, and oh! so true,
And never comes to end
Like the love, I have for you.

The sound is so unique,
Like your monogrammed heart,
Never duplicated,
Never pawned or bought.

Chorus: Oh My Jewelry! Precious Jewelry!
Anything, I’ll do for thee!
Roll back a solid stone
If that will set you free,
I’ll climb the highest mountain
Just to fall into your arms,
You’re my wardrobe of love!
My one and only charm.

I watched you feed the multitude
And strangers passing by
You paid the debts
That weren’t yours
And stopped a baby’s cry.
You planted seeds
Throughout the house
They grew without a sigh,
You always kept your promises
And weeping willows dry.

Chorus: Oh My Jewelry! Precious Jewelry!
You’re great, You’re grand, You’re good
If love is born within a house!
You’re a neighborhood!!
Oh My Jewelry! Solid Love!

You’re so fair, You’re so fine
You’re my brawn and You’re my mind
Putting chills along my spine,
Never cruel, You’re never rude
You’re my tenth beatitude,
There’s no one like your kind!
You’re so meek and genuine!

Then simultaneously!
We’ll sing, Oh Jewelry!
Then take to wings and fly,
Into eternal skies,
Away from fault and foe
In search of Heaven’s door,
With love that’s not contrary,
We’ll meet our Mother Mary,
With love that’s not fake nor fraud,
We’ll bow and thank the Lord.

Chorus: Oh My Jewelry!,Golden Jewelry!
You’re as pure as twenty-four,
Not mixed with selfishness
And this the world do know.
And when the others show me!
Their gems and diamonds too!
I’ll tell them, I have pricelessness
For My Jewelry, I have You!

By: Arthur C. Ford,Sr.,poet/editor;
wewuvpoetry at

by: Goldie

Down-sized 2X - Same thing happened to me...
Life goes on and I know it will get BETTER!
I am LUCKY to have someone who has been kind enough to support me through this difficult transition.

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