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Retired and not loving it at all!
by: Diane VA

I retired after teaching for 25 years. After raising 5 children, teaching first grade, and helping my parents (who have now passed on) I finally have time to enjoy myself. Boy was I wrong!!!!!!!!!

I feel useless with no purpose and forgotten by former co workers. I wake up worrying about how I will fill my day. Things I used to enjoy are not making me happy. I miss seeing my children and grandchildren .

I am on Meds and seeing a therapist.

I want to feel alive and purposeful again ?

low pension 1/4 of my previous salary
by: PBE

I am temporarily retired for a month now, but I am having anxiety /nervousness for a month now. ...Because my pension is only $1000 still need to pay bills and car note.

My application for retirement system is to estimate my pension. The Retirement System informed the HR to get all the necessary documents. The Human Resources has taken me away from the system completely and I was replaced in my teaching job. I wish HR should have talked with me first before eliminating me from the system.

Its uncertain if there are still remaining teaching jobs for me. If there are, distance will be my problem. The staffing supervisor is not answering my emails and phone calls. I even went to the HR to see talk with her.

Scared to death and so blue
by: Anonymous

I am only 42 and was forced into medical retirement because of a knee injury. What now? I can't work or I lose my retirement. It's only been a week but this has been the longest week of my life. How to I find my happiness again?

Lost in a fog
by: Anonymous

I'm retired. I could not deal with the stress related to my job.

I taught junior high math for thirty years. I thought if I left teaching, I could get a shot at happiness. Instead I just turned one form of stress into another.

On many days, I don't want to leave my bed. My son lives with me, but has his own issues. We barely speak.

I'm on an antidepressant. It helps. My life is devoid of any real meaning.

Help, please. I'm so unhappy.

It's Not Peaches & Cream
by: Wonderer2014

Hello Everyone

I retired a year ago at age 52 with 32 years of service. I thought I would be fine after meeting with financial planners before I took the plunge.

I was wrong I have no idea how I am going to survive my retiree health care coverage has been changed and now my out of pocket expenses are going to increase.

Had I did a lot more planning instead of jumping ship because of health issues and pension reductions maybe I wouldn't be wondering????

I am depressed and have not figured out my next move. I pray and read the Bible this is the only thing that keeps me from losing totally losing it.

WENDY Heck, you are only 52... you can work again, start a home business, there is plenty you can do.

Seriously, if you retire-retire, at 52.. and you live to 82 -- you will have SAT THERE for THIRTY YEARS? Doing nothing! :)

Right? I retired at 55 with 35 years of service, and now I do a few websites. They allow me to connect with people, worldwide, have fun online, and earn an income too.

Think about your options -- search for jobs online in your own zip code, easy to do nowadays, OR _-
visit my website for lots of home business ideas!

Best Wishes!

Retired TOO Early
by: Lewis

Yes, retirement sounded good since I have worked all my life! I retired a year ago at age 56 after holding the same job for 31 years.

I have a small pension which is enough to get by on and some left over for fun, whatever that is anymore. I guess why I am posting this is after a year, I am lost. Totally lost.

I wake up in the mornings and the days seem endless. All the joy of things I had I have lost. I feel like I am a nobody, alone and my life is rather pointless. I looked so forward to retiring, and to tell you the truth, I wish I was still working my old job. I feel I have made the biggest mistake of my life. I know this sounds like I am feeling sorry for myself, and well, yes, as today has been a bad day....again.

I just wanted to get this off my chest and thank you for listening.

Wendy The grass is not always greener on the other side... You are probably remembering the good times at work. what about the co-workers or bosses that you disliked? What a out the stresses of the job?

It is possible that your job was perfect, most aren't. be realistic... Do you really miss all that - or have you simply just not found yourself in retirement yet?

If you want help, please contact me privately using the "contact me" at the bottom of the left column!

What's news
by: Bruce Reznick

Moved here: Successful career: now what?

That way, retirees can comment back to you on your story and hopefully one retiree has the right words to help you change your life.

Best wishes!

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