Early retirement

by John
(Palm Springs)

Was told early retirement was based on the age I last worked not my current age ?

Company went under three years ago and I waited to collect and I'm now told I can't collect because I was not old enough at the time I left work ?

Wendy: Personally, I've never heard that before... normally (at least in the plans I've seen, mostly govt plans) when you hit the eligibility age (often 60), you can retire.

My employer allowed retirement at age 60 with at least 8 years of govt. service. There also was an early retirement, if you left service with at least twenty-five years, you could draw the pension at age 55. It didn't matter what age you hit 25 years, only that you hit the early retirement eligibility of age 55.

There should be a plan document available to you.
Google: xxxcompany namexxx plan document, xxx retirement plan, and see what pops up!

Give me your employers name and I'll try to find it for you... write privately via -contact me- (bottom left) if you prefer.

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