Easter changed our world

by Bro. Boniface
(Muensterschwarzach Abbey, Germany)

Resurrection of Christ

Resurrection of Christ

Christians rejoice at this time of year for Christ has risen from the dead as we firmly believe. Now this is the most marvelous piece of good news that any believing person could get.

I know many find Easter to be a joyful time for various reasons. I believe that God bent down to us on earth, has seen the condition of humankind and that we were getting nowhere on our own. Between God and human beings stood the debt that had been piled up by generations before.

God sent in the time before Christ was born many a prophet who had an important message to deliver from God and yet people were not in a receptive mood. Life as usual was better than to turn around and to follow the will of God. So what other choice did God have? He had an only begotten son in whom he was well pleased. So if he sent his son would people listen? No, again it was the same old story.

Yet something has changed after all. Jesus Christ left us his word, in scripture and in sacred tradition passed on through the apostles. And Christianity is doing its best to live lives modeled on that of the Lord. We have him as an example for us to follow. So when we go on with our life after Easter we know that God is with us through his son. And this makes all the difference.

We have a savior who was crucified and yet lives on with us through the ages. We can rejoice, we have every reason to be happy people, Easter people. And in this knowledge let us go on and bring happiness and peace to others.

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