Ethical Will: Down Memory Lane, Grandpa's Advice

by Dick

After retirement, initially life was very lonely and disheartening. There was nothing that could be done about it, as it just needs a lot of patience and time to accept this fact that you are old and about to leave this world within few years to come.

Dieing can never be a happy thought for anyone, I guess. Leaving your children, grand children, your house, your neighborhood, friends, money, property etc, etc. I mean everything that matters to you. Leaving all that can never be easy!

But you are left with no other options and hence these thoughts keep haunting you all the time.

It was these thoughts and views of mine which I thought to pen down. I wanted my grand some to know what I feel about things. When I wouldn't be there, these words of mine would tell him what I felt and how I lived my life.

Writing down these thoughts and about my life would also be my journey down the memory lane to rejoice and remember what I have done throughout all these years.

I wanted him to remember his grandpa's advice in regards to many things, which would prove to be helpful for him when he grows up.

This way I would be alive and be around him, whenever he needed me.

Wendy's Two Cents: Writing your advice for your grand kids is a wonderful memory for them. If you write your memories, that's one thing. If you write about your personal values and morals in life -- that really is an Ethical Will. A great memory to leave for family...

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