Memoir Writing

Are you considering ‘Memoir Writing’ - leaving your life story for your family and descendants?

The terms ‘memoir’, ‘autobiography’, or ‘life story’ are all the same: writing about your life and the important, unique events that make it yours alone.

Taking the time and effort now will reward your family with a priceless heirloom to be treasured and passed down from generation to generation. What a lovely thought!

If you enjoy writing, this is a great way to share your life and your knowledge with family, friends, or even the world (if you write through a ‘web log’, or ‘blog’, as they’re commonly called). If you'd like to review some retiree blogs, they might give you ideas on what to write or whether you'd like to pursue this idea at all!

Online blogs are easy to set up, even for those with little computer experience. (Hint: try free blogging sites, such ‘Blogger’ or ‘Word Press’ – these have templates and easy-to-follow instructions that can have you up and running like a pro in no time – and you’ll impress ‘the daylights’ out of your grandkids!)

You can ‘blog’ daily or just every so often when you feel like it. Many professional online writers got their start through blogging – then went on to write e-books (now there’s another idea!) or articles and other material for print and online media. Many bloggers eventually combine their blogs into one ‘e-book’ which can then be downloaded by the reader.

If the idea of writing your entire life story seems intimidating, try thinking in terms of smaller increments by writing shorter stories. You might forget some events later, so writing them down now ensures they’ll be enjoyed by your family in the coming years. Even shorter stories can be important, if they highlight a special memory or event. Later, if you wish, you can combine them all into a book, with each story as a separate chapter.

To get you started, you might recall one event that stands out in your memory, something really ‘big’ in your life. Perhaps it was when you met your spouse, or your first day of school. Conversely, you could choose to focus on a simple but meaningful moment in time with your mother or father. Perhaps you recall helping your mom make a cake or playing catch in the back yard with your dad. has a great Q and A a Day: 5-Year Journal which provides the questions/prompts for you to answer! I love that! They also have another: Gratitude: A Journal, and OODLES more!

**Be sure to click on the LOOK INSIDE link on the top of the books... to see some pages! That's a really great feature to view inside the book before you buy!

Many libraries give Memoir Writing classes for seniors and others to help them organize and capture their memories, either on paper or with the help of a computer. Check with your local library about their class schedules, books and other resources; you might also try a senior center or even your local community college.

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