Fear that I failed

by Nina

First, my retirement will start January 1, 2018. I'm happy and am trying to focus on the freedom and possibilities that retirement will bring.

I've worked for the same place for over 20 years and yet I'm worried about leaving a negative impression - only because the last several years have been difficult in the sense of personality issues (I'm perfect of course ;o). Most of the time there was fine - I am/was a good employee, like to work but I'm with a different group - have tried to better the situation to no avail. IN the big picture, I believe that it won't matter after December 31 (at least to me).

So while I'm anxious, I do believe that once I give notice in one week, I will feel a great deal of relief. I'm fortunate that I am 65 and am able to work part-time to supplement SS and pension. I am truly looking forward to a fresh look at life. All in all, my retirement anxiety is temporary.

Good luck to all contemplating this big change. Freedom!

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bad exit
by: Anonymous

Oh, that happens. I got associated in passing by a person who sort of "used" me, with a lawsuit she pressed. So I will never be hired back part time.

Anyway, it does feel bad, and I just wanted to share that similarity with you. I feel sad. No going away party or anything for me after ALL those years. Actually an old boss said she would take me out to dinner with another boss. I showed up. She FORGOT. JEEZ.

And that was a day I found out my mother in law died ON THE WAY to the dinner which my former boss FORGOT. Makes me want to puke.

I gave my heart for 15 years to that job for peanuts .

by: Tippy

Yes it is nice not to feel judged or graded any longer!

Why Worry?
by: Patrick

Just think about others who have retired during your time there. They are forgotten about within weeks. No one refers to their work at all. It will be the same for you. No matter how critical you think your role is , you are replaced and forgotten immediately. Very few of us leave any impression on our work colleagues or our company.

Do not worry. Forget about your job because they have forgotten about you. Move on and enjoy the next phase of your life.

Me too
by: diane Canada

I understand exactly how you are feeling. I too worked in a job for over 20 years and did well. advancement etc. the last year before i retire I inadvertently did something?? to someone. Only found out just before I retired but wondered why my popularity had changed with people.

Still don't know what was said about me but when I left i felt like people were glad to see me go. ( don't really know if that was the case but that is how I felt.)

retired for 4 years now and don't miss the job, don't see the people and am completely happy but still I wonder. When my mind wonders I just convince myself to let it go..It goes there less and less as time goes on.

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