Feel lost, feel forgotten, feel you are no longer needed.

by Richard Smith
(Polokwane, South Africa)

It took me a year to come to terms with which I'd been familiar all my life. Then I realized, I'm the same guy I was before I retired, what's new.

Nothing has changed even though I thought the world was now different. Don't kid yourself pal. You were great then, and nothing has changed.

You're the same person you were yesterday, last year, last decade, the world has always survived without you, but had become a better place because of your involvement. Why stop that now.

No, no, no. Carry on pal, you're as relevant now as you ever were...

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Existential dilemmas in retirement
by: Anonymous

I am often anxious and depressed and worry that this is a settled pattern of my existence. I find that time hangs heavy and that I cannot motivate myself to do the stuff that needs doing that I see around me. So I am not making the most of my retirement years.

I have sought help from my doctor and take antidepressants he prescribed for me And yet The reason I am not moving on is that I lack motivation. I need to change my mental outlook and practise being grateful for all this free time I have and internalise the feeling that I am good enough and try to reconnect with the activities that I used to enjoy.

Wendy: Why don't you volunteer, especially at a hospital -- where you'll likely find your JOY in living again.

We all need a purpose in file, we need to be needed. If you helped a neighbor (a job for the home, a ride to the doctor, buy a box of donuts and deliver them), I bet you'd feel better too.

Find someone to DO for, and maybe the simplest of gestures - giving of yourself - will help you become happy and then motivated to do what needs to be done in your own household.

[What can you do for someone today?]

Best WIshes!

by: Rich

My friend, finally seeing the difference and realizing that it was only my perception of growing old and fitting into that category, I threw it out with the bath water.

It took time, I couldn't do it immediately, and there is no time constraint. we are all unique. You will know when the time comes, and trust me, you will do the correct thing.

You've spent your life doing what's needed, what's the difference - no big deal.

Be yourself and do what you think is right, this attitude say you through your whole life, why drop it now? You're a dude, and you've earned your colors.

Be Proud man, be proud...

Wendy: I love that...

Retirement Activity
by: Joe W.


After you found out that you are the same person in retirement, I'm curious to know how you used this self-discovery moment?

Joe W.

so true
by: Anonymous

You can be involved for many years. My husband at 99 is still a volunteer, I also try to help others.

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