What Not To Do In Retirement

Written by Retirees Who Have Been There and Done That - Already!

Looking for "what NOT to do" when you retire? This following list is from a Retirement Community sharing their thoughts with you:

DOREEN From Canada -- "You are a great group and look what we have accomplished. It is amazing how much we have in common and yet we did not invent the wheel. Imagine the heartache that has gone on before us? Here is the complete list to date of What Not To Do When You Retire. Keep it coming we are doing a public service here with our hard earned experience."

What NOT To Do In Retirement

1. Do not marry or live with someone without having a clear financial agreement with checks and balances.

2. Don’t allow dreams to interfere with your reality – you must live the life you have until you achieve the life you want.

3. Do not combine all of your money and all of your free time so you each have a space to yourself that does not need to be negotiated or justified to your partner every time you make a move.

4. Don’t fall into a routine of bad habit when you retire. Your body is a mechanism and it needs a routine. Get up in the morning - don’t let yourself sleep in unless you are sick or recovering from surgery. Eat breakfast. Take care of what is necessary and eat lunch then make time to mingle with other people and have a light supper. Go to bed around the same time every evening.

5. Don’t surrender your power and self respect.

6. Do NOT invest in real estate or anything else until and unless you investigate all angles. That would include an appraisal, a complete title search, a real estate attorney, etc.

7. Don't let the kids move back in with you - unless of course, you NEED one of them with you and he or she has a steady job.

8. Don't invest eternally in your offspring. There has to be a point where enough is enough!

9. Don’t automatically assume your treasured possessions need be left to the next of kin. Choose their new homes with consideration. Consider where they will be most valued and what would be their best environment. Many possessions could be bequeathed while you are living when they will go where you intend and you can experience the joy of giving.

What Not To Do In Retirement

What have you learned during retirement that might help someone else NOT do it?

Use that negative experience to positively impact another persons retirement!

Thank you!

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