......Follow up to "And Now What".....Ricardo's Update

by Ricardo

Yes my dear friends, it has been two years since this writer decided to "pull the trigger" so to speak and call it a career after some thirty eight years!

I discovered Wendy's informative web site probably three years ago when I was contemplating retiring. I was trying to get all my ducks in a row and cross all my "t's" and "dot" all my "i's!"

As it turned out, she asked if I would not mind documenting my "travels" down the road of retirement preparation and share my feelings, thoughts, plans, and suggestions with readers, which I was happy to do.

As I look back on it all, PLANNING is most important..... "things" do not just "happen" to fall in place, it takes time, research, and most of all some effort on the part of the potential retiree.

Most of us will realize when "it is time", as I did. That not only goes for retirement, but also for a bad relationship, a new position, almost ANYTHING" in life.....you will feel it in your "gut"! Listen to your feelings, they are often spot on.

I have learned that no one is MORE concerned with your well being physically, mentally, financially then the person that is staring you in the mirror every morning...... and who would that person be???

Well, I have strayed a bit.....so now the "update" from Ricardo. We decided to move this past spring to a restricted age community about an hour and a half north of the community that I had lived in for some sixty three years, it was not easy to leave.....but, as I mentioned earlier, it was time....

The move was overwhelming but we did it and are now somewhat settled in. As we age it can be difficult to reach out to new people....but that is a positive challenge, and my mate and I find it stimulating...so far, so good.

This just did not happen, planning, saving more than we spent over the years, learning to live that mind set has now afforded us the opportunity to begin enjoying our retirement years.

Enjoy the minute, the hour, the day....because we cannot alter the past, and we are NOT promised the future....adieu for now.....and thanks Wendy for sharing this web site with all!


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