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This page simply shows my ebooks, as I write them, all on one page for simpler viewing! I hope you enjoy them!

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Retirement-Online Report  FREE Just double click on the zip file and  another file opens to read!

Retirement Quotes: FREE iBook of great retirement quotes to show you that many others have "been there and done that" before you!

Social Security Disability:  FREE   How to get your disability approved in less time, the first time. Do It Right.

Get Well Survival Kit: FREE  Simply buy the candy listed, tape the cute candy sayings to each item. Add a gift bag! Creative idea -  they will LOVE it!

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My Retirement Books for Purchase

I Rise Above My Circumstances.

Live in the Present Moment & Enjoy Your Retired Lifestyle!!

Understanding Grief

How to Stop Worrying

A Guide to ReInventing  Retired Life 

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