Amazon Kindle Books for Income

Consider writing Amazon Kindle books for Income! It's really not that hard to do and it's a fun challenge too!

January 2015 - I did the Kindle challenge as part of my NAMS Insider membership.

In 2016,  I started my own class to help retirees publish their books on Kindle. Here is the link to check out: Write and Publish a Kindle Book in 30 Days!

 I actually wrote my ebook, Retirement Planning: Ready to Retire?, formatted and uploaded to -- all in one month! I am so happy about that.  

Granted my book is short, but "short reads" is a category on Amazon. Many people enjoy short books to jump in and learn something, like NOW! 

The NAMS Insiders Group provided the motivation and momentum to push all these home-business owners into publishing ebooks on Amazon in one month's time. We really rocked this month! I wanted to show off the books that were published... just to show you what is really possible -- in one month!

Amazon Kindle books can be your business, and you don't even have to do a website.  This is a great beginners class -- take the class, write a book (or a few) and get them all uploaded on Amazon. There is also a free class "Discover Your Niche" to help you pick a topic to write about using Amazon to assure it will be profitable.


OK, Ta Da!!  These are all the published NAMS Insider books for January 2015!

CLICK on any of the Amazon Kindle books to view them!

WOOT! Look at what one group did in a MONTH!  It's very doable, evidenced above. Short reads ROCK on Amazon! 

Feeling pretty darn accomplished!