Garfield the Cat and Retirement Depression?

by Ann

I taught for 32 years. All I could think about was to be retired one day and sleep in and relax and read and do what I wanted to.

I had a Garfield poster in my room and it shows him in his bed with the caption... "There's gotta be more to life but I hope not".

My first year retired was OK because I took a Spanish Class. My second year my husband retired and we bought a place in California (we live in Seattle).... I never expected to be Snowbirds but now we are.

My third year I feel like I need a psychiatrist.

I am on and off anti-depressants, I take xanax, I am restless, bored, and anxiety ridden. I feel such guilt about all of this because I have a sweet husband and lots to be thankful for. But every morning there is this monster pit in my stomach and I feel paralyzed.

I miss the kids when we are down here, but their lives are now very busy and full and happy! Even so, I find myself worrying about them and worrying about everything.

I don't need to be needed, I know what things I SHOULD do-- like listing all the things I am thankful for, do volunteer work, exercise, find a hobby BUT I am at a point where I can't find that niche.... and I am not trying to find it.

Maybe this isn't where I was suppose to write this. But hopefully it can be sent on to somebody who has felt the same and can help.

Wendy's 2-cents: On vacation, I just reread the book THE NEW EARTH... go to Amazon and get it -- for yourself!! This is the book that Oprah had a huge web class on last year, it affected many as it did me.

Bottom line: its all about peace of mind and how to not listen to that silly voice in our own heads...

You can also read more on the Oprah website.. just search for A NEW EARTH or ECKERT TOLLE, the author.

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Retirement: The Big Decision
by: Anonymous


I am facing the big decision. I do feel it is time for me to retire.

I feel like I am a little more forgetful and less energetic at work. I do believe it is time.

However, when I think about it, I feel an overwhelming sadness, have trouble sleeping and concentrating. These symptoms have come on suddenly... just in the time I have been really trying to go forward with retirement.

I am considering seeing my doctor-the physical symptoms are real.

I would love to know if anyone else has experienced this.


Wendy's Two Cents: Yes, of course... most experience this. Some folks are thrilled about retiring, but privately they still are "scared". Others just have anxiety like crazy.

I think it's simply the UNKNOWN. You are comfortable working, you are "someone", and you get PAID to be someone. Suddenly - who Am I?

Do you have something to RETIRE TO (not just retire from)?
Retirement Decisions are emotional!

There IS life after retirement -- plenty of it, and a good life too -- we just need to "get there" mentally!

Best Wishes to you!

Retirement: You and I may be the same
by: WW

I am newly retired as of this past September.

What you are experiencing is my greatest fear. As a teacher, I was one of the popular ones, loved by the kids and their parents. I made a huge difference in the lives of those I taught and in many cases, their families. I know this because I have been told so.

Now... I haven't yet found the new niche I need to feel like I give value to the world. It is still very soon, but I do have a plan. I have decided to take one year to just let myself do nothing.

(Like meditation, this is a difficult thing to do, to be open and receptive, to not try to control or race around. I believe that the right path will be revealed and I am open to it not being in the field I love so much, teaching.

In the meantime I choose to look at this year as recess... a time to play, a reward for the 30 years I dedicated to others.

I may need to reinvent myself. How fascinating!

And you know what... it's just me who says that I have value only when giving service. I made up that rule. So let's get rid of it. I am more than my body or especially my Mind. I'm special and so are you!

I don't know if I've helped you with this posting, but I want to thank you for helping me.

You gave me the oportunity to explore these figments of fears that have been hiding in my mind.

You know, I don't think it really matters what we do, as long as we do it 100%, just like we did with teaching.

Good luck to you.

Wendy here: What true words of wisdom you write.. Thank You! I hope that your own post inspires many, and it will!!

Good to have a Hobby, Wendy
by: Om Joshi

I learned and appreciate Wendy's experiences after retirement. Wendy has selected a great job of helping others. It is to be remembered that after a particular age all are ours. We may distinguish between our and their.

I retired 12 years ago and adopted the hobby of Painting and interestingly have done a large painting 1250 x 150 cms depicting all Presidents and first Ladies of USA.

I am interested in exhibiting it in USA, I can not come to USA as I am not rich enough to visit
I shall be interested to do a painting for rememberance of retired friends. If some one like to get painting done for their children it can be done.

My hobby is helping to be free from depression.

With regards,


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