Gone but Not Really Forgotten

by Sharol, Michigan

This was a comment written in response to Year Since Retirement... but so well written and thought out I had to share it BIGGER! Wendy

Dear Alan,

Hi fellow retiree and educator. My first year was terrible and I also wondered were all my friends had gone. I use to look at my retirement party album and wondered where everyone was.

I remember the first time I went back to school and all my former students were so happy to see me. All the hugs and compliments were great but the next day was so depressing and I never went back.

That was my first year this is my second year and I have made a change in my thinking. The new me has emerged I know longer wait for people to call me... if I feel lonely I call them.

You see they have this feeling that retirement is all fun and games. They don't want to interrupt you, ha, ha! But I also learned to admit that retirement was not all I thought it would be but I was learning.

Now remember when your working one bad day seems to fall into another so all you think about is how wonderful it will be to be retired and not have to work. But alas the circle is complete when you retire you wish you were still working ha, ha!

I made a list of all the reasons I retired and you know what ~ even though I miss teaching and the kids ~ the reasons were still valid.

When spring finally emerged that first year and the rebirth from a long cold winter was all around me I decided to renew myself. I began my walking, I started exercising in my house so no one could see, ha, ha! Then one thing lead to another and I was enjoying myself. I joined this site and have some wonderful pen pals and have learned to Skype. If you need a pen pal I would be glad to write to you. Then I started calling friends and inviting them to lunch fitting into their schedules as my time is flexible ha, ha!

Now winter is here again, it's cold and sometimes very lonely. I allow only one hours as needed for a pity-party ~ oh I set a timer so when it goes off I laugh and move on. I get up everyday and thank the Lord I can. I exercise to crazy music mostly stretches but I can finally reach the floor ha, ha! I walk when it isn't below 0 and in January joined a Tia Chi class (although I'm terrible at it)and I took up bowling something I have never done. I play cards at least once a week with a friend and when I get bored I plan fabulous adventures researching interesting place.

Everyone's situation is different as a single person with my loyal companion Abbey, a Miniature Schnauzer, I still spent hours alone but the minute I start feeling depressed I get up and dance. Now mind you I am not a dancer really I just pretend I am.Then laugh at myself. Laughter is the best medicine I have found to over come my loneliness.

I go on Face Book, comedy sites, and oh my play games on my phone all things I never did before retiring.
I hope this has helped a little. I pray you will find something that you enjoy doing to help you laugh.

Your friend Sharol

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