Year Since Retirement

by Alan

Retired after 4 decades in the school business with the last dozen being a superintendent. Living on the family ranch but feel like I have lost my identity.

Colleagues that I thought were friends seem to have forgotten me and I just feel like I have no sense of purpose anymore.

Is this normal?

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Going of 6 months of Retirement
by: Ken San Diego

I am going on 6 months since retirement, Aug 11, 2016 1:00PM San Diego, CA ;-)

I was always a manager, and on occasion, I do get a call from my former company ... like "We could use you to work on some projects and you can do them online etc.? NO THANK YOU!

There is a time in life when you tell work... GET LOST!

All those projects, deadlines, problem employees, rushing, etc. stress! NO thank you...I'd rather watch the Mama's Family with Vicky Lawrence on MEtv LOL!

Enjoy your freedom, but schedule something to look forward to (ie: a cross country trip by train, or an overseas trip...)

Oh Oh, my phone is ringing, it's probably my Cardiologist who THINKS, i'm going to answer! sorry ;-)

Retired yesterday feel exhilarated!
by: Kaylee, South Florida

Finally checked out of my government job of 28 years. I loved the job in the health field working with veterans. Many good years but a toxic workplace situation for about the last 4 and a half years.

I am 68 and had planned to work until 70 but decided no job was worth my peace of mind. Had taken sick leave for about the last 2 months due to stress so had plenty of time to make the decision.

I don't know what the next chapter holds but for now am happy to be at peace with my life.

Age discrimination is subtle but very much alive.

Its just not worth it.

A new you
by: diane canada

I believe this is quite normal. The trick is to begin a new chapter of your life

The work world Grows and changes and soon you will not understand what is going on. So go out and make new friends of all ages.

Like you I was upper management and used to being the boss. As soon as you drop those keys to the building on that last desk you are only one more old person.

I decided to have fun now.

Gone but Not Really Forgotten
by: Michigan

Moved to this page: Gone but Not Really Forgotten so that others can comment on this long post. it's great...

Yes, totally normal.
by: Wendy,

Your situation and feelings are totally normal. Isn't it just terrible that we dream of retirement -- only to hit this brick wall once we walk out that door?


Friends at work are often simply co-workers. We think they are friends, lunch with them, chat daily about family life and work life.

But when you leave-- the common things in life, the workplace, is gone. Yes, they could update you -- but its not that simple. If you aren't there daily, if you don't know the new employees, it becomes (after only weeks) like they are telling someone on the outside.

When you haven't seen someone in a bit, it's not like you can ask "what happened last night?" or "what did your wife say about ...?" There is a gap, and even "What's new?" is difficult when you don't know where the gap began,... it's simply different.

What you NEED is a new identity. You still need purpose in life... not saying you need a full-time job, far from that, but something that makes life interesting again.

Write to me via the Contact Wendy under About Me (top right)... we can chat via email.

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