Good Byes

by Ricardo

Well, I guess my first memory of a good bye was back, what, in 1952. I was living on the southwest side of a large Midwestern city with my mother father and two older brothers.

It was the first day of kindergarten, and I had to say good bye to my world, AND, my mother! As she took me by the hand and placed it in the hand of this strange person, my teacher, I was terrified!

The teacher told my mother to go that I would be fine. As she left, I saw her gaze at me thru the first good bye in my young life.

I could go on and on with the many good byes that I have traveled thru in my life......MOST all were not pleasant experiences, no matter WHAT my age was at the time.

The second good bye was when we moved to the suburbs one short year after I started school. I had to say good bye to all my friends and to many of my relatives that all lived near by. I KNEW in my young mind that my life would NEVER be the same.

I guess my next good bye followed in a few years when I had to say good bye to my paternal grandfather and try to reconcile his passing and this whole "death concept." After that, saying good bye to many relatives became common as they aged and passed on.

A very memorable good bye came when I went away to college to explore the world. Yet another when I had to say good bye on the tarmac to my new bride when I entered the service with NO idea if I would return to "the world" as I knew it. After that, saying good bye to a number of friends, as well as many cherished pets.

A few years ago I had to say good bye to co-workers that had become like family to me as I retired. Then, when we moved a few years ago I had to say good bye to that suburb that WE had moved to when I was just a child of many, many good byes in my life, none were pleasant, but isn't that what occurs in ALL our lives, a series of good byes?

How we adjust to them often times become a part of our make up. For had we had not the opportunity to say "hello", we would never have to say good bye, and those "hellos" make us richer as people, even though at the time they can be hurtful and sad. So, with that being said, learn to embrace your good byes and cherish the memories!

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