Guided Meditation to Sleep

I often use Guided Meditation to Sleep at night. My mind tends to go off in twenty (heck, 100 or more) different directions... and meditation helps to quiet my thoughts.

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Sleep gives your body a chance to deal with everything that happened, repair itself and then reset itself too.

At night, you reset your brain for the next day.  A shorter cat nap can reset your brain for the rest of your day.

Sleep at night (and napping too) provides lots of health benefits:

  • helps your heart function
  • hormones
  • cell repair
  • boosting memory
  • improving brain functions.

A short nap is usually recommended (20-30 minutes) for short-term alertness. This helps improved alertness -- without leaving you feeling groggy or interfering with nighttime sleep.

Guided Meditation options

I love my meditations. They calm my aging and slightly anxious brain. I focus on the words (and they are good to help with a healthier mindset) and my silly thoughts float away.

Most are silly will-never-happen worries.  I'm sure you've been there!

Listen to a meditation (a few from Amazon below) and see what happens!

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I also have the Insight Timer app on my phone, and I listen to meditations for free. There are thousands (for sleep, power, transitions in life, and more).

Sleep Affirmation for Bedtime or Naps!

I really beleive in affirmations too. If you say them over a period of time (maybe a few weeks to a month) -- finally your subconscious will realize "Hey, this is important and I need to take notice!"  

You do need to put some emotion into reading the affirmation as you are convincing your subconscious of your real intent, the new belief it needs to keep in memory. It really does work!

Changes are still possible!

If you like the affirmation below, print it and read it over and over daily... edit it to make it yours. It really helps.

Bedtime/Nap Affirmation for RetireesBedtime/Nap Affirmation for Retirees

As a retirement society, we need to stop thinking of sleep as a luxury... sleep and enjoy that nap!

Please share your two cents on SLEEP below! 

Are you a good sleeper? Take naps? Have a hard time sleeping?

Share your two cents on sleeping. It's important for all of us. Maybe your two cents, your experiences, will help another retiree!

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