Sleeping too much

by Gerry

I have been retired 9 months. My wife is still working so it is just me and the dog at home most days.

The trouble I have is not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. I stay up late and wake up late. If I have something to do I get up just like normal.

I find that I am bored....and of course, Covid 19 has now confined me.

I do not like this.

In my career, I was busy in law enforcement and often worked 12+ hours per day.

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Get up!
by: Wee-zer

If you were in law enforcement you must have seen and heard tons of stories during your career. You could write a humorous book about your observations during your career. Then you could self publish the book. It would take up oodles of time to write and remember different things over the years and maybe even consult some old friends who were also involved to get their input.

I also agree, get out there and walk the dog. My friend has a nice park where she walks her dog every day. Be sure to bring poop bags with you!

You could also start cooking some nice meals for your wife and have things tidied up for her so she has some free time too.

run walk crawl GO OUTSIDE
by: Anonymous

u have a DOG, woof woof, take the dog for a few walks


by: Sherry/ NC

Thank you for service in law enforcement maybe you could do volunteer work in law enforcement.

That dog wants to be outside. Walk him as many times during the day as you want to. You can meet people and have a conversation and get exercise at the same time!

Sleep too much is a stage
by: Jane Curtis/Texas

You will find that through out this web site you will read stories and memories of many who have also gone through the sleeping too much, not getting out of bed, being bored stage of retirement.

It hits all of us but not always in the same order. Usually, it is when you have gone through a few weeks of "I will sleep in because I can." Then it becomes routine.

Did you get up and go to work because you had to? Your well being and that of your family depended upon you getting up and going to work. You have retired from work... not life.

I called my story, Taking The Tired Out of Retired, and I survived to tell the story. This web site is full of coaches like myself to help you along the way. You have to time.

Take this time to introduce yourself to you. Read a few of the stories on this site into a recorder. Then play them back a few times. As you listen you will find your inspiration to get up off your fanny and do something about it. You are in charge of what you do next.

I bet it is nice to know this is very normal. There is an answer for you... it is your new job to find the answer.. "What is next?"

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