Happy Retirement

I am determined to have a Happy Retirement... I've worked for years and I deserve it -- don't you?

So now how will you find retirement happiness? Depends on you!  

Happiness just IS, you can't exactly look for it. If you are fulfilled in life, helping others in some way, keeping busy - happiness just IS.

Think about when you were very happy with life -- what was life like?

Were you busy? Content? I bet you were... 

Read this... I totally love it and it's so true:

Read some Happy Retirement stories written by retirees, and their thoughts on happiness in retirement. If you'd care to share your happy retirement story, please do so on the bottom of that page...you will help someone out there!

We look forward to retirement, then what? Who Am I and What will I do for the rest of my life? This retirement exercise will help you figure this out...

Right now, with so many taking earlier retirements due to the economy, so many more are depressed... so, how do retirees remain happy, fulfilled, and active?

Read these ten tips to retire happy, if you think about what you will retire to before you retire.

Pay it forward and help someone out there... add your own story or comment on a story. It only takes one persons words to awaken another retirees happiness!