Housing in Retirement
for a Senior...

Staying In Your Own Home!

There are so many housing options for retired seniors!

Have you considered where you will spend your golden years?

Many people retire to the south (sunshine), or out west (more sunshine), while others preferred to stay where they had been for years... in their own home.

  • Do you love your home and the neighborhood?
  • Do you feel safe there (or has the neighborhood deteriorated over time? be honest...)
  • Can you afford your mortgage, taxes, monthly bills?
  • Is your home cluttered with "stuff" and possibly you need to clean out a bit to avoid any falls? Yes, I know this is difficult, but to maintain your health -- falls are really important to avoid.
  • If you will remain in your home, let's make it safe!
  • Home Security is important!

Familiarity is probably the number one reason many people choose to stay in the home in which they have lived for years. We know the area well and won't get lost easily, understand the community resources, know neighbors, family is nearby, and "my home and my stuff" all remains intact.

The handling of home maintenance, security issues, and the rising cost of taxes is not a new concept. We have been handling these issues for years... but now we may have to review them looking at our retirement years.

Perhaps you hire a neighbor kid to cut the grass or an outdoor maintenance company to do your yardwork, you install safety features to your home, like reflective stripes on the edges of stairs if you can't see well, or new bath tub bars to help you in and out of it.

When you are able to remain in your home and not feel you are a burden on someone else, you will remain active and healthier. Due to our new longer life expectancies, the issue of health and safety for senior citizens living at home has become a popular issue with many more alternatives.

There are lots of community resources out there to help you stay at home!

You might also consider a new home in a local senior community which are being built with specific features that help seniors live long productive active lives.

The transition from an old home to a new one is much easier if we truly believe that our lives will improve... you can stay "at home" (local community) in a "new home" and feel instantly "at home" again!

The time is here for retirees to enjoy a fun satisfying life. After all, you spent most of your years working and taking care of home and family.

Now is the time for YOU to take care of YOURSELF!

Enjoy that home -- make it as comfy as possible, with some extra safety measures, and with a healthy lifestyle, you'll live there a long long time!