How do I reach God?

by Boniface

Church in Waldshut, Germany

Church in Waldshut, Germany

Saint Paul says in his writing that we think and feel at different times in life differently. When we are very young we learn simple ways to address God for instance when we go to bed. We pray for those we love and for what we love. And we wish others well.

When we get older we pray differently. More mature, our intentions have changed, they encompass love and relationships, work and health. And when we get older still we may need fewer words to address God and to make our needs known concerning our life, our well being or problems with old age, our care and love and concern for others.

All the above are ways to reach God. Christ told us we need not make many words since our heavenly Father knows what we need and is quite prepared to give us what we need on a daily basis.

I know people who make many words, read many spiritual books, follow every new drift and yet in the end may not prayed half as much as a fellow or elderly lady who say simply, Lord, Here I am.

It is being told about St. John Vianney, the Pastor of Ars in France that he saw an old man sitting in church every day and just sitting there. And looking straight at the tabernacle. So some day he asked him, what is it you are doing? And the old man said, I look at Him and He looks at me. No words needed but simply love, longing and hope to be some day united in heaven.

I reach God by sharing with Him what I am feeling and thinking, where I may be hurting, where there is some kind of trouble in the family. And God hears me even if there is not an immediate change that I could discern. Because God has his own way of doing things that I may like to see.

Granting us every wish is not what a wise and caring father might do. And when the Lord hears my prayers what is He to do with my neighbour who might ask Him to do the opposite? Or something else?

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Sep 12, 2014
How do I reach God?
by: Anonymous

"Call to Me and I will answer you and I will show you great and mighty things that you know nothing of," Jeremiah 33:3

That's all you have to call to HIM by prayer, reading his Word and trusting on HIM.

Sep 05, 2011
by: Marian

this is so Beautiful! I also feel this way , when I look at our Lord at Mass. I also sometimes shed a tear at what The Lord gave to us. Thank you

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