How Do You Explore Possible Retirement Locations??

by Harvey.
(Chicago area)

My wife and I plan on retiring in the next 4 years. We plan on moving from the Chicago area to somewhere in the west.

Just for background our general criteria is we want to be somewhere near skiing and outdoor recreation, near a small or mid size city and somewhere where the climate is not killer in the winter or unbearably hot in summer.

In general we have a few specific locations we are thinking about such as the Reno NV area, St George UT area, Bend OR area, etc.

I am looking for suggestions or guidance on how to begin exploring these or other locations as places to live rather than vacation or visit. It seems simple in a way but this is a big decision and we both have jobs and a child in high school that prevent an extended months long exploration.

Wendy First, many apologies as this was posted in February and I didn't find it until now... Yikes! I am posting this so that others can reply to you with suggestions!

p.s. You mentioned Reno, Nevada... my own folks chose Las Vegas, Nevada as their retirement home.
They have a condo here in Michigan - and another in Las Vegas.

We love Nevada - and yes, it's hot hot hot in the summertime. Two of the neighbor couples from the condos there both moved full-time to Las Vegas after visiting there a few years. Oddly enough, neither of these couples are gamblers! It's simply a beautiful desert area, mountains surrounding you, and sunshine galore (not to mention being in Vegas, like Reno, provides plenty of restaurants and activities to keep anyone as busy as they care to be!)

Best Wishes!

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Retirement Places: New Mexico
by: FJanis Stout

Check out Alamogordo, NM (or) If you are able to live 9,200 ft above sea level, try Cloudcroft, NM (just north of Alamogordo in the mountains.)

Both areas are really nice. A little warmer in Alamogordo but snow is in Cloudcroft during the winter with skiing. You can pick up property rather at a good price right now.

It is dry heat there, not humid, lots are people are retiring there because you can buy property at a good price right now.

I live southwest of Fort Worth TX. We went to Cloudcroft for May, June, and July, and came back too early and hit some of this heat.

We rented a two bedroom log cabin in Cloudcroft with light housekeeping things. The people are really nice but food is rather high if you eat out a lot. It is only 16 miles down the mountain to Alamogordo to shop for groceries and other things. We really liked it there and are thinking about investing there in a home or property to build.

Reno has too much snow, rather far north in the winter. NM is nice most of the year. Might check it out and see what you think.....

Janis in Glen Rose, Tx

by: Anonymous

San Diego is the best... beaches, nice weather year round, close proximity to skiing locations, but be forewarned, it is very expensive!

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