How to downsize and dispose of my house. All this STUFF!

by Chris Miller

Have been in my house since 1968 and will be moving in with my daughter, from a 4 bedroom house to one room.

I have several collections, that were important to me, but now just stuff! I really don't know where to start, feel like I am drowning.

Excited about this new phase in my life, but just overcome with the job ahead.

Wendy: First, are you sure this living together works? Why not try it for a few months, go home, sell and pack AFTER you've tried it out?

You might prefer downsizing to a smaller home or condo, but close to your daughter, but on your own? I know nothing of your relationships, but after you sell it all, and if you discovered that it's not what you imagined, it's harder to start over. Just my two cents- I could be completelly off here.

You could sell collections on (but you'd have to learn, post item by item, sell, ship).

You could also try as buyers might be local then.

FInally, if you want to move and don't want the hassle of selling it all. You can post each item on Free, to recycle to someone who can use it and people will pick it up. You cannot charge using this site, simply post, pick someone from those who apply and make arrangements to pick up.

Best Wishes!

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living together
by: Anonymous

my kids grew up in the 70's when all the kids were coming back home after college. I told them that if they didn't come back home after college I wouldn't come live with them when I was "old and gray". Darned if they aren't going to hold me to it. LOL

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

I agree with Wendy. l moved in an apt. within my daughters' & son-in-laws' home, when l was 55 yrs young. Too young to be living there in the same house even though it was my apt. Wasn't what l thought it might be.

Daughter became distant, more so than usual, Ken was no problem, at least l don't think so.

l was left pretty much on my own, but kept myself busy tending to their garden & most times cleaning up their house while they were working, (that gave me something to do, l didn't mind). l was hoping to have a cup of tea now & then with my daughter but that didn't happen!

Instead of getting closer we drifted apart~for some unknown reason, l still don't no what happened, except l just didn't feel that l belonged there within their family!

l am not aware of causing an problems but there was tension within the house. Eventually, l decided that the situation would correct itself when l found another apt. to move to.

I lived in their home in my own space but was a very strange experience, for about a year.

I expect Ken & my daughter had their own problems of which l was unaware & l wasn't involved.

After moving out, my daughter & Ken separated !!! ???

All l am saying is that EVERYONE HAS A STORY. Eventually, they became a couple again & they appear to be happy & fulfilled with 2 young daughters & 3 dogs ( Who Knew ).

Living with family
by: Anonymous

I agree with Wendy, you may want to test it out. I moved in with my son, daughter in law and kids, although we enjoyed being together on vacations and such, I am trying to figure how to get out on my own now.

I have a friend who's situation is working well but you never know people until you live day in and out with them.

I raised my son but for the life of me I can't understand why he lives like he does. If you see things that are wrong you can't get in it and if there are kids you for sure can't, unless you have that kind of relationship.

At least think long about such a change and have a big yard sale or auction when you do move.

I'll second that
by: Dean

I'll second Wendy's note of caution. My wife and I relocated to the South 20 years ago. My wife's mother was very dependent on her for many things and we were concerned for her.

We asked if she would like to come with us and she accepted our offer. Well, after 6 months of living together we mutually agreed it wasn't working.

Mother in law is back up north and still doing well. Other siblings have picked up where my wife left off.

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