How to Spark Your Creativity

by Wendy,

Let me SHOW YOU How to Spark Your Creativity!

What? You have no creativity? Yes, you do. Every act you do is created by your mind... even simply repetitive daily acts. Some acts are MORE creative, you can choose to make something different or new.

If you simply energize your creativity (and yes, you've got some, even if you've played a less creative analytical role in your occupation), you will find new solutions to old problems and generally feel great!

If you ever needed a creative solution to a problem, you’re aware of how challenging it can be to be creative on command.

Have you ever wished you could boost your creativity? You can! Like any other skill, the ability to increase your creativity gets better with practice and experience. Get started today, you've got the time, and you’ll find yourself being more creative in the future.

I hope these ideas will encourage your creativity to blossom:

Work in a new environment. It’s amazing how much a change of scenery can help! Try working in the library or a coffee shop. Rearrange your office or den and change the view. Take a run to Home Depot, and rearrange the garage. When you do the same things in the same place, you’ll tend to think the same thoughts.

Turn off your autopilot and expose your senses to new stimuli.
 Pretend you’re helping someone else find solutions. Many people find that they have more creative ideas when helping others solve their challenges. Simply pretend you’re helping a friend and let the ideas flow. Depersonalizing the issue seems to free up a part of the mind that’s otherwise stifled.

Brainstorm in pairs. Have you ever noticed that you and a friend find more creative ideas between the two of you? Find a creative friend and start your brainstorming... bet you find some great new ideas!

Try being creative at a different time of the day. If you normally write in the morning, try the evening. Try staying up extra late or getting up extra early for a change.

If you’ve been feeling stuck at 9 AM for a while, it’s time try a different hour of the day. Set your alarm clock for 3 AM and force yourself to work for 20 minutes.
 Hey, you are retired, you can work anytime -- just change up the time frame and grab some new creativity!

Try some music. Few things can change your mood and get those creative juices flowing faster than a great song. Try different types of music and see what works. Avoid sticking to only your favorites. Branch out and listen to something new.

Meditate. Meditation is useful tool for giving your mind a well-needed break. You’ll find your thoughts start to become reenergized. Simple solutions reveal themselves after a short period of meditation. I love meditating and yes, it requires a little practice, but it’s easier to learn than you may think. Meditate on your challenges and be open to the thoughts that arise.

Stay hydrated. Get a drink of water! Your body is mostly water. Even a small degree of dehydration causes all sorts of biological processes to go haywire. If you’re feeling stuck, take a minute to drink a large glass of water. Remember to drink throughout the day and the evening.

Go outside. Try getting outside for a little exercise. The late John Denver frequently commented that all of his best songs were written immediately after an exhilarating, outdoor activity. He frequently skied, drove race cars, and flew experimental airplanes. You may lack a plan, but you can still get outside and do something stimulating!

Creativity doesn’t automatically happen on command. There are times when creativity is needed, but it’s nowhere to be found. If one strategy fails, try another. With practice, you can learn to unleash your creativity on demand.

Go Retiree Go!

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