I Hated Waking Up!

by Christine McGruder

Photography by Christine!

Photography by Christine!

It had been several months since saying good-bye to my job, and starting this new chapter in my life called Retirement. I loved every moment – no time constraints, no traffic, no office politics, and no having to get up and get dressed! I could stay in my PJ’s all day if I wanted to!

And just like that, the morning arrived, and as soon as I opened my eyes, anxiety filled my heart. The “honeymoon state” of this new chapter had disappeared!! I didn’t see it coming, and I didn’t know what to do. Day, after day, I hated facing a new day. Some days I even had a hard time taking a shower and getting dressed.

Finally, a good friend suggested I get some help, and for a brief couple of months, I went to see a therapist, where I discovered, I had “Retirement Depression.” Who knew there was such a thing?!

One of the things that was very important to change, was the way I thought about, and handled my morning routine. I was going to stay in the rut of hating the light of day, unless I made the decision to change something.

I learned through all of this, that I had to consciously come up with a plan. Since I struggled with anxiety about the day, I made a decision that the first thing I would do upon waking was to meditate. I found a number of wonderful Christian Meditation videos on Youtube. I noticed a change almost immediately. From there, I implemented more morning routines that have really served to positively impact my whole day.

The majority of us have worked most of our lives, raised families, helped companies succeed, and gave our all to our careers, and to other people. Oftentimes, our identity is wrapped up in what we do, and who we are connected to. When all of that changes, it can be difficult to navigate our way, and to become acquainted with our new normal. But we can do it!

If we gave so much of ourselves to everyone and everything else, surely we can make a lot of room to embrace this wonderful season of our lives. It can be a joy or a very depressed state. The good news is this: WE GET TO DECIDE HOW IT IS GOING TO BE!

Wendy and I are excited about the new 7 Day Morning Makeover Challenge that will be starting in May. If YOU are struggling, and desire a CHANGE in your morning routine, the challenge will be a great way of getting some direction, and implementing a routine or two that will help you to move forward.

Now I look back, and it is so hard to believe that I was in such a dark place. And it all started to get better with focusing on and making changes to my morning routine.

So be sure to register for the FREE 7 day Morning Makeover Challenge, and we look forward to hearing all about the positive changes that will come out of that challenge. Register today!

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I Hatef Waking Up Too
by: Canadian Retiree

Christine I love your photo. Yes I experienced retirement regret and anxiety for almost a year after retirement. I’m better now but still miss my job and workmates.

I had to see a psychiatrist for about six months and take an antidepressant. I’m taking art lessons and piano lessons. I’m also signed up for a course starting in September. It’s been a strange journey because like you I identified myself with my job. I was not aware that retiring would be so difficult to adjust to.

I don’t have grandkids to fill up my time either so it can be lonely at times. I think that is the most difficult thing to get used to. My husband is retired too but he likes it and doesn’t mind being alone.

Thanks for your encouragement

Hated Waking Up
by: Betty/Archer Florida

Christine, I write poetry and other.
I never ever thought I would/could write poetry.
Furthermore, I didn't like or understand poetry. Some I don't understand. But I write poetry when I have a special thought or feeling about something or somebody. After my (forced) retirement from Real Estate due to a bad economy during 2008. I started writing. I'm still writing.
Thanks for your nice thoughts/question on hobby.

Response to Betty/Archer/Florida
by: Christine/Maryland

Hello Betty,
Your comment really encouraged my heart. This photo has received the most recognition of almost any flower photo that I have done, and I did receive a photo recognition award from one of my Photography groups. Thank you again for taking the time to let me know you liked it. Have a beautiful and blessed weekend. Christine

Not sure
by: Mitz

The lack of purpose is the hardest. For those who don't enjoy many hobby's or have kids to babysit.

Betty/Archer Florida
by: Christine McGruder/Maryland

Hello Betty!! :)

How sweet you are for the lovely compliment about my photo. Once I retired in 2015, I began taking nature photos. I never had an interest before I retired.

It is the weirdest thing - it is like once I left my job, my brain cleared, and nature photography was right there waiting for me to pick it up and run with it -- and so I did! :) Nature photography is my passion, and one I never saw coming, and yes, I have won many awards for my work...shocker! :) :)

I would love to know what your hobby might be. Thanks again and take good cared.

Response to Big Mike in Carson, CA
by: Christine McGruder/Maryland

Hello Big Mike, and thank you for taking the time to share your comment about my post. Congratulations on a wonderful, active, and rewarding retirement experience. Unfortunately, many of us are unsure how to "Buck Up," and therefore retirement can sometimes be a struggle.

However, you are correct in that changing the way we think is a crucial step to take in order to begin to enjoy retirement. But there are also other aspects that can affect us all in a different way.

What I am hoping is that those folk, much like yourself, who are having such a great retirement experience, would encourage and support those of us who may be challenged. Not only did I have a therapist to help me for a short while, but this Retirement Community really was a gift, as well as connecting with other retiree's who were having a more positive experience. It helped that they did not make me feel bad for struggling on my retirement journey. I am so appreciative because their support contributed greatly to helping me get me to a much more positive place.

Continue to enjoy this great chapter of your life, and again, thank you for your much appreciated comment.

Retired life is great
by: Big mike from carson, ca

I have been retired for about 9 years, and I never dread a day, or any depression. I know several retired people, who do projects, go shopping, and no disparage . It's just in your way of thinking and your life in general.
Buck up, and do what you want to do.

Hated waking up
by: Betty/Archer Florida

Christine -

One thing for certain, is a beautiful photo of the flower on black background. In my opinion, that would win a contest. May already have.

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