"In Line"

by Ricardo

As I reach my "4th" quarter in this crazy world called life, I reflect on it as being "in line." I am not in the front of the line as I was back in 1947. I am not in the middle of the line as I was in 1987. I am nearing the end of the line.

I cannot move forward, I cannot move backward. My place in line is set, and I wait my turn, not knowing when my number is called what it will bring!

I cannot change my number, we ALL have one. I prefer not to know what my number is, but, when it is called perhaps questions that I have had all my life will be answered, perhaps not.

We all have a number in this life, just waiting "in line" till it is called.

The past, the present will not matter any longer, the future...we are all waiting " in line."

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Aug 17, 2022
"In Line" response
by: Ricardo

Wendy my post was referring to the fact that we cannot change our spot in line as far as when we pass on in this life.

Wendy: Rikk-- I get that. If it's your time, it's your time, regardless of age. However, until it is that time, we can have adventures and investigate the world. ;)

Aug 16, 2022
Get crackin'
by: Michael - Upstate NY for the summer!

Ricardo - I read an article one time and it said that as you near the end of your life, you will ask yourself three questions.

1. What have I not seen?
2. What did I not get to do?
3. Who did I not get to be?

Write down the answers to those questions, and then start to pursue the possibilities NOW. Who knows, you might even be one of the lucky ones and have a fifth quarter (or more!)

Aug 16, 2022
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

YOU can move forward. You can still do things that you find pleasure in.

Mom, 96 in two weeks, loves to color now. Adult coloring and normally inspirational pages with some saying on it. She does it SO well. She tapes her artwork on her friends doors at the Asstd. Living Facility and they love it.

There is a whole group of ladies who color and they chat and color and chat some more. It's all good.

Yes, anytime for anyone, death can come... young or old. But for now, while my feet are on planet earth, I will move forward.

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