Intention Well - Red Rock Canyon - Las Vegas, NV

by Wendy

Intention Well, Red Rock Canyon, NV

Intention Well, Red Rock Canyon, NV

We toured Red Rock canyon and this wonderful thought on Intention was at the visitor center.

They are in the midst of remodeling the Red Rock Visitor Center.. and it is quite beautiful.

Anyways, I love this... What are your INTENTIONS for retirement?

  • a cosy rocking chair?

  • porch swing in the sunshine?

  • OR something bigger and better?

    Consider an intention in some area where you might make a difference in life!

    We still need goals and intentions in life... we can't simply exist as bumps on a log (until we are among the old-old and we can rest more in life).

    This is a beautiful reminder that YOUR pebble might just ripple out and affect many others, if only you'd let it.

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