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Free Blog or Paid Blog?

First, you neet to set up your blog. My friend, Paul Taubman, provides Your Free 28 Day Website Course to help you. I want to provide resources to help retirees and, instead of re-creating the wheel, this is one of them. Paul has helped my friend, Ute, and he can help you through wordpress too!

You have two choices, and this decision is important.

Most of you will automatically think FREE, and that’s fine. BUT if you are seriously looking to blog for income, you do need a paid blog.

Free Blogs

Free Blogs are just that. Free.  They function like other blogs and lots you will learn on this site will work on free blogs too, so they are good for practice and fun blogs.

The negative part is that you don’t OWN the blog. You get a website name, but its not registered to you.  I own “” – if this was a free blog, it would be “”.

This type of blog is more for voicing your opinions, sharing your knowledge, and simply having fun with a blog. 

What you can't do with a free blog: You can’t add advertising options for income. You can't do affiliate products. You can't make an income. If you aren't sure if you are headed towards income or not, but feel you MIGHT -- think twice before you begin, as its not easy to change later.

Read more about Free Blogs (instructions for set up) here!

Paid Blogs

First, please remember you are actually starting a Business with a paid blog. It doesn’t have to be a business, it can be for fun, but my point is — don’t go free. You are building a source of income for your retirement and this is really a cheap way to start a business!

What other business can be started to cheaply?  Not many!

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Paid blogs using the popular are really relatively cheap (compared to my website service which is $300 per year).

Domain:  You will pay approximately $10/year to own the domain name you choose (example: I own

Hosting:  You will also pay a monthly fee (usually paid up front for a year). This runs anywhere from $2/month to $10/month.  

With a paid blog, you OWN the domain name. If you want to get out later, you can sell the entire website OR just the domain name itself. Some make full incomes simply buying and selling domain names.

Income is made via many different ways:  Google Adsense Ads, Affiliate Ads (like, ebooks, classes, whatever you choose to do with your blog. THIS is the big difference between FREE and PAID blogs! We'll get to all that here soon!

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Choose your blogging option above (click the free or paid link) and learn more to begin your Bloggers Journey!

Best Wishes!