Interview with Women's World: Kristina Mastrocola

by Wendy,

Retirees.... you won't believe this, well maybe you will, but I did an interview with Women's World magazine this past week, January 2017.

Now, if you know me, I am an introvert -- I find great fun writing from behind the screen! BUT to talk to people, especially groups, isn't easy for me! This, however, was one on one... and I was ok with it. I was ready.

Anyhow, I received an email from Kristina Mastrocola, Senior Editor at Women's World Magazine, asking to interview me. She does a weekly column, Ask America's Ultimate Experts.

I am so grateful to her for this opportunity, regardless of whether I am really in the issue or not. This is simply a huge step forward for me...

I was so surprised to get the email. ME? Seriously? I assumed she found me with a Google search, as I get lots of retiree visitors to this site. But no, it was one of my Kindle books instead. WOW!

The funny (to me) part about that is... I did my own covers (replacing them very soon) as I know most retirees who purchase the book would find them via my site. I assumed they didn't need to be eye-catching, Well - guess what?

A magazine editor found me via my books! Yikes! Lesson Learned.

OK, that's it... feeling blessed to be moving forward on more tiny step in my retirement business!

OOPS... the issue should be on newsstands March 1. Very curious to see if I am in there! I looked online and there are usually 3 experts on the bottom of the one page column... am I one of them?

Wish me luck!

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Weindy speaks
by: mildred/tn

Congrats Wendy. Good news travels fast! Now another part of the world will know how wonderful u r and not just YOUR RETIREMENT ON LINE folks!

Your Interview
by: Irwin Lengel

Congratulations Wendy on your interview with Women's World.

You have worked so hard on this site and your books, you should be recognized.

I will continue to follow your material and website and look forward to your next adventure, whatever it might be.

by: Anonymous


by: Len/Pacific

Good things happen to nice caring individuals like you Wendy! I am so happy for you.


by: Janet

Dear Wendy,

Congratulations on your interview with Women's World Magazine with the senior editor.
I am wishing you all the best and good luck.

Hopefully your work will be featured in the March 1, 2017 issue.

You never know where your writing will take you.

Keep writing!
Again all the best to you.

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