Just started thinking about retirement

by Erika
(Las Vegas, NV)

Just started really thinking about retirement. Very frightened I will become invisible.

I am a full time visual arts teacher in a high risk Title I elementary school. Needles to say I am the students "favorite" art teacher :)

If I stay three more years it is an additional $500 per month. Oh, yes, I will be 71 this month. Much as I love my students and job I am getting tired, feeling under appreciated, tired of the politics at the senior administrative level, ready for a change.

Having worked since I was 8, not working is a an unknown alternative reality!

Wendy: Retirement is a big step, into the unknown -- but can be so rewarding if you find the perfect mix of things to do. Why don't you look for some groups outside school to get involved in? Take art classes? Teach art to seniors? Just consider what you might do now -- before you retire.

Best Wishes!

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by: Neal

Everyone has their own ideas of Happily Retired. Including yours truly. My hopes continue to lie south of the border, thanks to International Living!!! :)

If I had a background in teaching, Real Estate, Art, Writing, Photography or practically any formal education I would be in Panama, Costa Rica, even Columbia (don't let the scare tactics of this country deter you, check it out!!) or most any of the countries down there, (Google Earth!) taking full advantage of the knowledge I posses to live very comfortably on $1200 a month! Easily!

For instance, in Panama you only have to prove a stable income of $1000 a month to live there permanently.


New Chapter
by: Goldie

Welcome to a new chapter in your life. There is nothing to fear. Believe me, you will be amazed how fulfilling a life can be after retirement!
Your love of teaching is wonderful and will be a valuable skill you can use in future endeavors.

just thinking
by: Anonymous

I commend staying at work until 71 years old. i recently retired. I had a high power intense position but found that i don't miss it at all. it is so nice not to be the decision maker.

i could have stayed longed and had a bigger pension but i have no idea what the future will bring health wise and wanted to use these years doing other things.

i love the idea of building a new different life than i had. currently i am doing lots of volunteer work (completely different from my job) and spending time with family.

retirement is wonderful you just need to keep busy.

Stress levels/Retirement
by: Joe W.


Congratulations on your productive longevity career as an Art teacher. It seems to me that you are reaching a crossroad because you love your career but now you must deal with 'annoying' management and as you say being under appreciated.

I think you are in the best position now in the field of liberal arts, to make a seamless transition to a wonderful retirement. This would also give you an opportunity to reduce those stress levels experienced on the job. And of course stress can affect your overall health especially as we get older.

Good Luck!

Joe W.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Dear Erika,

U may be the students "favorite" art teacher, however, those same students are all moving on with "Their" lives.

At 71 yrs of age, sounds to me u have had a very fulfilling career as a life. However, u deserve some down time, vacation ~ do something U have always wanted to do in your lifetime (bucket list) do u have 1?

l am 66yrs & l feel l could still do mostly anything my little heart desires & l am guessing ~ if u have worked all your life, U could too, assuming u r strong, healthy, don't have any health issues.
**** IT'S TIME ****

As we become older Erika* & we r getting older, even though we still feel, think & remember as if we haven't aged at all & the younger generation DON"T SEE this. And they won't until they r our age, then they WILL understand~~
This is your decision ~ it is wonderful that u have been the 'FAVORITE' for many decades, BUT ,
now is the time for this word to become YOURS~ &
in my opinion U need to retire & find something as wonderful as the career u have had and GO for it ~~ Best Wishes
Sharyn ( Canada )

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