Large Print Keyboards
For Vision Problems!

My father has major vision problems through wet macular degeneration, like many seniors deal with. He routinely gets injections in his eyes and has kept his vision (though it is decreasing) for over 20 years now...

He wanted to play on the internet, just for fun, like many of us do -- but simply could not see the keys!

Solution: Large print keyboards!

A few years ago, we purchased simple keyboard stickers for his computer keyboard that helped his computer vision problems. We chose black stickers with bright yellow lettering on them... and we weren't disappointed.

At age 83, he was still using his computer to Google whatever it is he wants to explore!

Letters for your Keyboard

Brand New Keyboard with One-Inch Keys!

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DO YOU KNOW: that you can click on both the CONTROL and + key, at the same time, and your screen will increase in size?  If you are reading a website with small text, try it. Once in a blue moon, it won't work, but most of the time it does!

The larger keys are especially helpful for the hunt and peck typists in the senior world. There are oodles of them -- my friend used to write books, whole books, with a few fingers. He pecked quite nicely... thank you! GRIN!

Dad is now age 87 and he no longer uses the computer... but I always find new vision help for him online. For Christmas, I got him a page magnifier, and a watch that TALKS the time to him. He loves that watch! 

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