Las Vegas, Nevada 2013

by Wendy

The Vegas Valley and Mountains Majesty!

The Vegas Valley and Mountains Majesty!

Just returned from two weeks in Las Vegas and thought I'd write a short post on it. Really I should say this is Nevada, as we travel around a bit outside Vegas itself.

We travelled with my parents in their mid-80s, and we all had a ball. We don't do the Vegas Strip, at all, just too many people down there. We visit casinos the locals frequent and eat at restaurants off the strip too!

On this trip, dad had just come from the hospital days before we left -- so we took it pretty easy. No side trips like we normally do.. but that doesn't mean we didn't enjoy ourselves.

I love the simple looks of Vegas. Everything is so clean and architecturally perfect.

Even driving on the freeway is an experience to me. They have beautifully arranged rocks (instead of grass), or cement/brick walls with different colors/textures, or even hieroglyphs carved into the walls. I love the palm trees, cacti, and this trip was full of flowering plants too! This isn't the strip -- all flashy and glitzy -- it's south west colors and just natures beauty.

Don't forget - the whole Vegas valley is surrounded by mountains! Purple Mountains Majesty, indeed!

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May 13, 2013
by: Irwin

Hi Wendy:

Glad you enjoy Vegas like we do. Each year that we visit our son we try our best to take a side trip to Vegas. We just love walking through the hotels and casinos and take in the architecture and the neat way the hotels are laid out. Believe it or not we can spend a week in Vegas and never spend more than $5 gambling.

It is all about what one decides to do while there. We take in several buffets and seek out places where we can line dance.

Glad you have a good time as well when you go.

Take care.

May 13, 2013
Welcome Back Wendy!
by: Goldie

Missed you!

May 13, 2013
Visit Las Vegas.
by: Antoinette

Hi Wendy. Glad you had a nice time.

It depends a lot were you live. Canada has long very boring winters, also unpleasant weather changes. My daughter and I had a tough 6 month behind us. My Doctor actually recommended a vacation in Vegas, simply because it is a complete change, everything you do is different.

You do not have to gamble at all but take nice little tours. Take in shows and do a little bit of shopping. You forget everything about home and any difficult times you might have had.

Eating is a pleasure and the great buffets are not to hard on the pocket book.

Vegas can be healing for body and mind if you do it the right way.

Wendy: Absolutely! That's how we do Vegas, but so many others don't see the "other" Vegas. So glad you had a nice time and I totally agree that you forget about home and all... just have a nice time!

May 13, 2013
Welcome Home Wendy!
by: Barbara

So glad you enjoyed your trip!

May 13, 2013
A different view
by: Sheila

Hi Wendy, It's nice to hear a different view of Vegas. Someone I know goes regularly and all I hear about are the plush hotels and great food, plus some gambling. No word about losses, though I'm sure there must be some. Your description makes me want to go there for the first time in my life. Many thanks for your enlightenment!

Wendy Sheila, So many people go on the strip and never leave it... it's what Vegas is famous for. In fact, It's easy to visit Vegas and never ever leave your hotel/casino as most of them have multiple restaurants, and lots to do besides the casino gambling. Nowadays, its not easy to walk from casino to casino like we used to do as each one is a huge complex!

Yes, there is more to Vegas... lots more!

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