Lawyer needs help,
working from home...

by David
(San Luis Obispo County, California)

I joined a law firm in the community that I retired in as a part time, non-equity partner. I specialize in representing public entities and the firm represent several in the area

I'm telecommuting out of my house. I've only actually attended one meeting in an agency that the firm represents. The rest is done from home by phone and computer.

I'm still trying to figure out how to do this. I've been an in-house municipal attorney for 31 years and never had to keep track of time, bill people, etc. I'm struggling with how to focus, have some discipline and fit into the firm.

Wendy's Two cents: Sure sounds like the ideal job to me... just like website owners, working in their pj's! Grin!

I did a quick Google search for "lawyer tracking time" and found free shareware that attorneys use. I'm sure there's lots more out there to help you! Use Google, they are fantastic for leading you to great resources:

Legal Billing Software

Virtual Lawyers - this article has loads of comments from lawyers who do the same as you. Who knows.. maybe one will just "sing" to you as the answer!

Just having fun! Best Wishes!

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working from home...

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by: Barbara

Hi David,

Just wondering how things are going with your new job? Let us know how you are doing.

legal assistant
by: kiara

Hi lawyer:

I worked as a legal assistant and translator-interpreter for more than 30 years. I miss my work so much.

Even typing a letter or a one page motion would make my day.

Warm wishes from Houston, K.
kamila713 at

Wendy, you did well !!
by: lynnmarie

Loved your two cents Wendy, excellent references!

Wendy, again: Well, thank YOU, Lynnmarie!

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