Life Begins at Retirement.

by Gordon Kinghorn

I have now officially retired – with effect this morning, I have decided to call-it-a-day… for good! I’ve been with the military for over 35 years, served in numerous countries and pretty much seen-it-all…well, that depends pretty much how one defines ‘All’ I guess.

Nevertheless, having now completed sixty-one summers on Mother Earth, it dawned on me just recently that each of us receive an allocation or ration as to the amount of years that we shall inhabit this planet or ours – that’s what we know for certain, the tricky part is gauging just how many more years are to be afforded to us before the Grim Reaper comes-a-calling.

What can one truly accomplish as a 60+ employee? Little in comparison to what you can achieve as a free and independent lover of life. At our age, we have each put in a pretty good shift, to pursue further the drudgery of the workplace environment, invariably rubbing shoulders with those much younger, with different ideals, virtues and tastes is preposterous.

Get out when you can, make the most of whatever resources you have accrued and prepare to enter a new phase of your existence. If you consider yourself to be an introvert then shake off the shackles of this reprehensible state of grace and get active. Find a sport or pastime where others are involved, renew yourself and think of yourself only, you have provided more than enough over the course of a lifetime for offspring, ailing relations and/or myopic and unfeeling employers.

Never consider yourself too old for anything, from a game of squash to the game of love – get a piece of the action, after all, many of you have dwelt about retiring possibly in your mid to late sixties as possibly the right time to quit – if, like me you are indeed younger, then you have vital time on your side to get the very best out of your ration.

Do not make a promise to yourself that you shall think about the prospect of retirement possibly next year of the year after – promises after all are little more than insincere pledges to the foolish or gullible.

You are neither foolish or gullible, if the alarm clock has become more of an irritation than a signal, if the drive to work is becoming increasingly longer - or if the kid at the next desk talks endlessly and incessantly on issues pertaining to teenage trivia – you are quite entitled to vigorously and speedily secure your liberty by the most effective means – a simple two-worded letter to whatever “Glorious Fuhrer" has been abusing your talents over the years – e.g., “I Quit!"

Your courage and commitment at this particular juncture of life will bring a renaissance and effervescence you would have never thought possible before reading my lines and those of many others on this subject.

Far East here I come, never to return, any eager lady wishing to keep me company, don't hesitate to get in touch.

© 2012 - Gordon G Kinghorn

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Retirement - The Hereafter Alternative
by: Gordon Kinghorn

Thank you to both Sophia and Sarah for taking the time to acknowledge my recent article, “Life Begins at Retirement”, I was most cheered to learn that you were uplifted by my lines, one now trusts that you have given careful consideration to your respective latter years – and precisely how you each wish to enjoy them – happy and fulfilled days ahead for you both I’m certain.

I was recently reminded about the tale of three sexagenarians’, the same who prematurely left this Earth and reluctantly embarked on their respective journeys towards Heaven.

In each case, these three individuals had worked tirelessly throughout their lives and simply did not know when to quit, subsequently; they all shared a common denominator – in that they each passed away at their office desks, each striving for more income than they truly required at their stage-of-life!

God, being aware of the hard-working trio’s impending arrival at the Pearly Gates, decided, (in view of all their hard work on Earth) to give them a second-chance at life…providing they could answer one simple question to his satisfaction!

The first of this soulful treble rolled-up, one Mr Alf A. Romeo - as he arrived God asked him, “, look down in the direction of Earth Alf, you shall see your family gazing sadly at your open coffin, what is the last words you would like to hear them say of you?

Our Alf responded by telling God that he would like his family to comment on the fact that he had worked non-stop for 45 years, got his kids through university, had a great home, three top-of-the-range cars and was a good husband and father. God turned to Alf and said, “Its good Alf, but insufficient to grant you a second-stab downstairs, enter through the gates and enjoy eternal life”.

The second chap then appears, one Mr Craven Moorhead - God asks him the same question, sadly, our Craven provides only a similar lame and inadequate response - Alfie is subsequently instructed by God to make his way through the gates for eternal life.

The last person, a lady by the name of Amanda Hugenkiss, had been worriedly waiting-in-line…fretting that she was pretty much of the same mould as the previous two gentleman – before she could dwell any further on her dilemma, God approached her and said, “Look down Amanda and you shall see your family gazing sadly at your open coffin, what is the last words you would like to hear them say of you?”

Amanda pondered on the question for a brief moment and then quickly responded to God’s query by saying; “Holy sh**, she’s moving!”

The fantasy ends here, the decision as to when to retire is quintessentially ours - the moral of the story being…don’t leave it too late - I believe God’s good humour has become somewhat exhausted recently!

© 2012 Gordon G Kinghorn

A happy day
by: Sophia


Gordon, after reading your words, I don't know why I feel happy and with smiling face... I can't laugh out loud because I'm in the office..

Any way, thank you for a happy day because of your words...

Ha... Ha...

Good for you, Gorden.
by: Sarah

First of all let me say thank you for your service. I really enjoyed reading your post, very well put & very enlightening. I wish you well & God's blessings thru your well earned retirement.

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