Lost in Retirement La La Land!

by B Lee

A quick flip through your book, A Guide to ReInventing Retired Life, and it looks very insightful and I believe that you've hit the nail on the head!

Retirement has been the hardest thing to do in my, and I could see that, in a lot of my friends' (all Boomers) lives. One apparently healthy guy actually died a month after he (happily?) retired from his job! For a lot of us who are used to 'getting paid' for 'a hard day's work'---It's like that one suddenly 'is not needed in society' anymore upon retirement and we've become nobodies and useless!

I long for grandkids to babysit, so that I have something meaningful to do...you know, to contribute...no clock and no deadline and no demand is just plain lazy! Work defines us, esp. women in the Boomers' generation, who juggle both family and full-time work for years on end and then...when kids don't need their mom anymore and mom has no job to go to...it's like something just died inside of us.

You know that a quarter of the population (in North America) have retired/ will retire in the next 10 years or so. Retirement will be the topic to dominate the news for years to come.

You and your website are doing a great service for so many of us, lost in the Retirement La La Land!

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Response to Retirement in LA LA land
by: Ken San Diego


You seem to be doing the right things now! I am in my 8th month of retirement, and found out..that the 7th or 8th month makes you face the reality that I'M NOT GOING BACK TO WORK ANYMORE!

I like the freedom on not having to be tied down to a schedule, and I like my spontaneous trips. I live in San Diego, so the weather is very predictable ..so I take a drive, or hop on trains for lunch or the weekend in LA etc. I have a cross country train trip coming up for my birthday...(private sleeper bedroom/bath on the train) I enjoy meeting new people etc. I also scheduled an overseas trip to Thailand a few months later...so it's good to have something to look forward to! I go to the gym 3x week, just for 45 mins but that makes me feel less guilty than sitting on the computer for hours! ;-)

I think we need some local Retirement social outings, where we can meet people in person with retirement assistance! Thanks Kenneth

Retirement in La La Land
by: Elizabeth/Spokane

I took an early retirement (which I regret - not enough money) and I have been taking care of 3 grandsons and my daughter ever since.

It has only been in the last year (since the boys are a little older) that I am beginning to have more time for myself.

I am on my computer daily (enjoying all the health summits and spirituality talks) and have just recently begun doing vegetable gardening again with a friend who helps me get out more. I have a kindle and read novels - such a luxury to read for total enjoyment and not just for knowledge. I sing in the choir at church which is of course, wonderful. I have been walking more and I am seriously thinking about whether to go to a gym. I have been thinking about volunteering in elementary schools helping children learn to read better once the youngest grandson gets into regular school.

Look around. What can you do to serve others or do what you always wished you had more time to do. You have so many choices.

Meditation daily helps, too.

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